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  1. Fishfire

    Clio 172 turbo - not quite running right

    Hi All, Hoping someone can suggest areas to look at with my newly converted 172 turbo. Long story short, the engine bent the intake valves a year ago so I decided to rebuild the head, and reinstalled prior to doing the turbo conversion. New valves were professionally fitted and seated with a...
  2. Fishfire

    HT Leads

    I think I know the answer, but after confirmation. Just reinstalled my engine after a turbo conversion and on start up, it's running rough as a badgers arse, and after a little drive it feels very much like its running on 3 cylinders. So after a bit of headscratching and looking, I spotted no.4...
  3. Fishfire

    Help identifying fuel pump assembly please

    I've been after a mk1 172 fuel pump assembly for my turbo conversion and think I may have found one but hoping someone can confirm, as the ad is a bit generic: Renault Clio Sport 172/182 2001-2006 Fuel Pump 8200159254 Here's the pics. This looks like a feed and return to me. TIA 😁
  4. Fishfire

    Cam finger followers: any difference between phase 1 & 2 172?

    I need to replace all my followers and having looked on Trodo's website, they have INA finger followers but for the engine code CBOM which I believe is the phase one engine. They're quoting (amongst many others) as fitting these F4R engines. One is the 182 and the other a phase 1 172 Now...
  5. Fishfire

    Bent valves have clipped the bores

    Hi all, So I'm in the process of repairing my spare engine and found things were worse than expected. The valves on the exhaust side are all bent, though intake seem OK but not willing to take a chance so the plan was to replace the lot. Then I noticed the bent valves have clipped the very...
  6. Fishfire

    Mk1 172 Fuel Rail same as Laguna?

    Hi all, As the title really. Looking at the part number I found on a fuel rail from a (claimed) Mk1 172, its coming up as the same as part number for a Laguna II 2003. Is this the case??
  7. Fishfire

    Engine Rebuild Options

    Hi All, So a while ago the engine in my 172 let go lost all power on the motorway and meant a long drive home in an AA van....sad times. I duly replaced the engine with the intention of 'doing something' with the broken engine. Until now its just sat in my garage, but now I've got the urge to...
  8. Fishfire

    Red 182 Trophy SP55 - Hythe, Southampton

    spotted a few times, looks and sounds 👌
  9. Fishfire

    Top mount sitting rather high

    I know this has been done a fair bit but... Fitted a new Febi topmount kit with the newer version combined nut/spacer, and now the top hats are sitting really a lot higher than I'd have thought was right. Everything has been fitted in the correct order and the bearings are the right way round...
  10. Fishfire

    Cam followers

    Anyone seen this happen to cam followers before? Four of the followers on the intake side failed and left me stranded on the M1 a few weeks ago. I was planning on sorting this out and potentially building a boosted engine, but I'm unsure if this would have led to any other damage.
  11. Fishfire

    Black 182 A3 heading to Portsmouth

    Nice black 182 with nice shiny aftermarket exhausts. Had a bit of a play on the A3 between Bordon and Portsmouth (I was in my Monoco blue 172) and then ganged up on a golf R32 lol
  12. Fishfire

    Multiple problems! Smoke and massive fuel usage

    Hi all, my first post as I've been unable to find anything here which answers the problems I'm having. I've acquired an '03 172 that is in need of a little bit of love but has generally been running ok until yesterday. The engine management light has been flashing on and off for a week but is...