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    Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread

    what upper engine mount is that? also loving the work you do!
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    Pearl Black 172 PH1

    Are these blue colour like oem?
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    Kit’s New Ph1 172

    Love the progress :)
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    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

    Is that fabia lip?
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    Ash’s Sunflower Ph1 172

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    Senna's Mk1 Cupracer

    I absolutely love when someone experiment's with something like this, using "cheap" alternatives to complete racing solutions. What about rear hub/discs ? ( laguna hubs )
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    Project Lightweight, Trackday Clio 172

    How did you solve this problem? Look like there was too much camber?
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    LY kangoo 172

    So freaking nice.
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    Pearl Black 172 PH1

    Great work! And i see you are a true clio sport owner, cant stop yourself from throwing money at it :)
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    Renault Laguna BTCC Super Touring Track Car Project

    What engine is in it now?
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    Renault Laguna BTCC Super Touring Track Car Project

    The forums keeps on getting better by day, first that LY kangoo now this.. Epic!
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    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    Is this good enough? Hasnt been properly washed in 4 months i think
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    B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive

    What top mounts are that?
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Also DOGE coin is getting huge attention lately! Look it up
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    LY kangoo 172

    They wont be too short?
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    LY kangoo 172

    What rear shocks are that? For what model are they? Since i own megane f7r and rear shocks are a bit hard to find for it, but this ( gaz ) that you've put on look like the same ones for megane.
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    LY kangoo 172

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    Covid182 the longest clutch change ever

    @ZachB do you have the whole conversion written down in any topic? I'm interested about that.
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    Clio 172 ph1- black, OEM restoration.

    Also clio mirror or?
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    raider matte finish.

    Is it that time of month on forum?
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    frazjam's Ph1 172

    What happened here?
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    Clio 172 ph1- black, OEM restoration.

    How hard was to get the plastic cover off? And where did you find the sensor as i find the oem one with prices about 80 euro
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    Inferno 182 cup , tidy up 😃

    Looks mega
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    Pearl Black 172 PH1

    @deanoE30M3 i bought it in Croatia, but you can try to google for dupli color brand and order online if you can.
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    Pearl Black 172 PH1

    I think you cant buy oem spray for door handles, but i've done some searching and this is the best match I've found. Sprayed handles on mine, without and top coat, it turned out great, but if i would do it again now, i would put some top coat.
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    Pearl Black 172 PH1

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    Water leak again!!!

    Okay, so i found this by pure luck. It was a small hole in sealer and had to look very hard to find it. It is on a join between roof and side panel, right below the plastic trim on the roof. Took a screwdriver and made the hole bigger and put some silicone in it.
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    Water leak again!!!

    s**t.. Totally forgot about that! Will try to take a picture tomorrow!!
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    The Petrol Blue Project continued

    Like your work! Can you write step by step dissasembly for ventilation housing? Would like to do the same but dont know where to start from.
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    172 ph1 stuck in 3rd gear

    Hello all Gearbox has been rebuilt 300 kilometers ago, new syncros and seals. Ran just fine when we've returned it to the car, no probs, and yesterday i was driving for about 5 kilometers, came to full stop, selected neutral and when i tried to put it in 1st gear it selected 3rd and stayed in...