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  1. hsustyle

    Trailer advice

    Looking to buy a used trailer ideally for track days and for collection cars. Basic low one car trailer. Any for sale? Reputable brands? What can I expect to pay? Thanks! Amin
  2. hsustyle

    Clio 200 edc disappointed ..

    Just went to rest drive a 2015 cup packed 200 edc Lux and have to say I was quite disappointed. Seats are lovely and it's definitely a nicer place to sit in than my 182 but I didn't notice much difference in performance or handling! Will be looking at mk3 200 again as I loved my last cup...
  3. hsustyle

    Holtye golf course BG 182

    Just spotted a BG ff 182 coming past Holyte golf course. Sounded fruity. Not sure if you spotted me, I was in a very shiny bg 182 in the golf course car park.
  4. hsustyle

    A 11 ph1 172 Exclusive

    Ph1 Exclusive spotted. Just now in Elveden, Suffolk by the A11. I was in a black 182. Anyone on here? Ktec exhaust?
  5. hsustyle

    Who can adjust my timing -south East

    I'm back in another 182 and it feels a bit flat up in the higher revs compared to some of my previous ones. Belts were done 18m ago by a used car garage so my money is on timing out. Anyone able to take a look? Cash and beers! I'll order some cam seals Kent /East Sussex
  6. hsustyle

    Rb 182 on 2118s A11

    Spotted a lovely clean cup packed racing blue 182 on the A11 around 5.20pm Was on some anthracite 2118s. Anyone on here?
  7. hsustyle

    Ht53 Tunbridge Wells 172 Cup

    Spotted this around Tunbridge Wells a few times while just working on my 182.
  8. hsustyle

    Black 200, Eridge bypass - Crowborough

    Black 200 with Recaros Around 1pm? Heading towards Crowborough. Went well.
  9. hsustyle

    Photoshop request ,wheels

    Can someone please photoshop these steels wheel onto the saxo? Same size, both are 15 inch In white Gold Gunmetal grey Any other colour that works? Thanks! DSC_3081-01 by Amin Abdalla, on Flickr 1930k3xwfxa8rjpg by Amin Abdalla, on Flickr
  10. hsustyle

    A11 southbound

    In the last hour on the A11 between Thetford and Cambridge Caged Black 1*2,black wheels Trophy RB 182
  11. hsustyle

    Ashdown forest meet

    Hi guys, I have a meet organised for Sunday, 02 Sept in East Sussex. Address here, Four Counties Car Park High Rd, Hartfield, Uckfield TN22 3JD Will be a meet and then a drive to a nice pub locally. Usually a few interesting cars from jdm to boosted Clios...
  12. hsustyle

    Battery relocation e46 cable help

    Can someone help me out? I've got e46 positive and negative battery cables for relocating my battery to behind passenger seat. Anyone got a guide or can explain the process?
  13. hsustyle

    New shoes for the Ph1

    New wheels and tyres fitted to my Ph1 today! Speedline Vega & Ns2r Will leave the centre caps off, quite like this look.
  14. hsustyle

    A22 rb 182

    Spotted Racing blue 182 A22 between Uckfield & Hailsham I was in the black Ph1
  15. hsustyle

    Edenbridge -Rb 200

    Spotted a Rb 200 in Edenbridge a few times now. This morning by the train station. I was in the black Ph1 on little browns lane yesterday.
  16. hsustyle

    On/off switch wiring for aircon ?

    My Ph1 has a Ph2 dash and wiring isn't correct at the back of Heater control plug. Issue is described here Does anyone know if and how I can simply wire an ON/OFF switch for aircon? Or someone in the south East...
  17. hsustyle

    Photoshop request wheels

    Wondering if someone can knock up a quick photoshop of the below wheels on my Ph1? ?? Excuse the dirty car 2018-07-19_10-55-42
  18. hsustyle

    Ph2 dash in ph1 aircon wiring help!

    Hi guys, wonder if someone can help me with wiring for aircon by the heater control plug. I got my Ph1 with the Ph2 dash. Some buttons don't quite work or work strangely. Hazard switch - works Rear heater- unlocks doors Lock doors - does nothing as far as I know. I'm OK with that. ☝️...
  19. hsustyle

    Edenbridge ,caged black 1*2

    Edenbridge - black caged 172/182 on black oz f1s. Anyone on here? Just flew by me!
  20. hsustyle

    Center caps for Renault 19 16v Turbines ? Pic

    I'm after some centre caps for my Renault 19 Turbines? Maybe some later Renault plastic caps?
  21. hsustyle

    Ph1 airbag light resistor help .pics inside

    Ph1 airbag light resistor help. Airbag light is lit up on my Ph1 172. Had a look under seats and this is what i found. What wires do I Solder /add resistor to? I believe Clip can't wipe Ph1 airbag light? Pic 1 Under passenger seat, from car loom. Top plug has resistor, wires in the middle...
  22. hsustyle

    Hailsham BG 182,caged

    Hailsham - caged BG 182, anyone on here? Just spotted. I was in a black Ph1
  23. hsustyle

    Loss of power ? Exhaust question

    Any performance LOSS in running a standard center section and standard backbox on my 172 with a decat? Or will I get a bit more out of if with, say a decatted ktec stealth or similar? Asking as I'd want it to be fairly quiet but still get good power with my 182 manifold & remap.
  24. hsustyle

    Petrol blue respray Difficulty?

    Quick question.. Al I right in thinking most bodyshops would have a nightmare matching petrol blue? For example, front bumper respray? That is all thank you!
  25. hsustyle

    Hsustyle's Flamer 172

    I'm back ? Some of you might remember my ph1 I sold a few months back. Loved it but fancied a change. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Cars"><img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Cars"></a><script async...
  26. hsustyle

    172 sat nav question

    Just picked up a 2004 172 flamer. With the sat nav option. The screen is blank but buttons are lit up and respond with audio response to me Pressing buttons. It gives directions also. Seems to be In standby mode? How can I get the display up again? Or reset? Thanks
  27. hsustyle

    View a ph1 for me? Huntingdon area

    Is anyone knowledgeable up for viewing a ph1 for me for beer money? Happy to pay for it. Car is in Huntington area Brampton to be precise. Its a bit of a trek for me and the owner is slow in giving out info! I want to know the basics, Any noticeable issues, bodywork, rust clutch, gearbox...
  28. hsustyle

    Tunbridge Wells Black on Black 200 Edc

    Around 6.45pm heading towards st John's, I was behind In my silver ph1. Anyone on here?
  29. hsustyle

    182 driveshaft carrier on ph1

    Looking to swap my 182 subframe, lower arms, arb, driveshafts etc to my ph1 but was wondering if the ph1 has bolt holes for the 182 driveshaft carrier bracket?? I have both off my old 182 but don't want to put the car up on a rented ramp to find out I can't use my 182 driveshaft! Someone must...
  30. hsustyle

    [Jan 21, 2018] South East Car club, Sunday 21st (Hartfield)

    Hi guys, link to our monthly South East Car Meet. Mostly Clios, the odd pansy Honda etc, always a good laugh, more details in link.