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  1. Jas

    Smashed clio v6 (mk2)

    Coming into S. Woodham Ferrers tonight, saw a smashed v6, looks like someone put their foot down coming off a roundabout and hit a bit of slippery road. :dapprove: Anyone on here?
  2. Jas

    Removing glow plugs in Clio DCi - what tool?

    Does anyone know what tool I can use to remove the glow plugs from a 2004 Clio DCi? I've tried long reach sockets and none seem to fit in the gap renault leave to get them out. Is there a special tool I need? If so, where can I get one from? Any help appreciated.
  3. Jas

    Renault F1 'Team Spirit' umbrella in metal case - new
  4. Jas

    Clio Williams - S Woodham Ferrers - M880 ***

    Had a small ClioSport sticker in the back window. Anyone on here? Nice exhaust note!!! :cool:
  5. Jas

    Introduce a friend deal (new customers) sky hd for £75 + fitting. Ends 31st Aug.

    New customers only:- Sky's blurb: If you love the freedom of watching what you want, when you want with Sky+, you may know someone else who'd love it too? When you introduce your friends to Sky TV we'll give them their choice of a free Sky+ box, or a Sky+ HD box for just £75. As a special...
  6. Jas

    Pics of my freshly PC'd car - warning: non-clio. lol

    Thanks to all those who helped me choose the products and offered advice on the actual PC'ing, especially Rich. Here are a couple of pics taken after the polish. Also, is it worth putting another layer of wax on in a few weeks or will it make no difference?
  7. Jas

    How long does it take to PC?

    I need to PC my car - 2 coats of polish and 1 of wax. Spending a bit of time on the 1st polish to get out swirl marks. Roughly how long will this take, including preparation (washing and taping black bits)? I have a golf mk4, it's not a Clio. Just need to know if I need 1 or 2 days off...
  8. Jas

    My detailing dilemma.... removing swirl marks....

    Hope someone can help. I've been meaning to sort the swirl marks on my R32 for ages now, and I'm going to actually do it now. Here's what I've got to try and sort the problem out: PC polisher with green, blue and orange pads Meguiars 83 Meguiars 80 Meguiars 16 waxI've had these ages, and am...
  9. Jas

    Is it worth keeping my old 16v for track or sell it?

    We've now got a dci for the missus, so my 16v is just sitting not getting used. The insurance and tax will expire soon, and I don't know what to do, choices are: Declare it off-road and strip it to use for track days (problem here is I need to somehow get it to tracks) or Sell it, but I doubt...
  10. Jas

    Which wireless ADSL router?

    I need to throw out my old Dlink wireless router and get a newer one. Any recommendations? It's for home use, I can spend up to £100, and would like to get a PCI or PCMCIA card included as well for that price.
  11. Jas

    Cost of new clutch for valver?

    The clutch thrust bearing on my valver broke last night leaving me gearless. :banghead: Now is it worth getting a new clutch fitted (which I believe will include the thrust bearing), or just get the bearing replaced? The clutch was last changed 32,000 miles ago. Also, any ideas on how much...
  12. Jas

    Good photos wanted of ClioSport events - past and present

    I want a selection of photos to randomly show on the front page. They must be good, professional looking photos, of events/shows/etc, anywhere where there is a group of Clio's in the shot. Any striking or unusual shots would be preferable, eg. the lineup of Clio's on the starting line of...
  13. Jas

    P** RYP - S. Woodham Ferrers - Pic

    Bit late but I had to get the pic off my phone. Asda car park last week. Anyone?
  14. Jas

    Pics of 16v after PC polish with Meguiars

    Well I thought Id give the PC a go today on the 16v, and because of the crap weather I decided Id just try it on the bonnet, so this is what it had: 1. Meguiars #83 2. Meguiars #80 3. Meguiars #23 wax First impressions are the PC makes waxing easy. It still takes time though - its not...
  15. Jas

    16v, Essex St, London, 2.10pm, 29th Jul

    Spotted a Clio 16v in Essex Street, London, at 2.10pm today. Cliosport sticker on back window. Was it you???
  16. Jas

    Bloody dodgy Clio drivers.... (pic)

    An incredible picture from yesterdays Romanian Rally. Luckily no-one died. [Edited by Jas - to shrink the picture - on 20 June 2005 at 11:02pm]
  17. Jas

    Renault Clio V6 AF1 295bhp

    Anyone know anything about this upgrade and what it includes?
  18. Jas

    White 16v, S.Woodham Ferrers, Sat

    Driven by a girl, about 3.30pm Sat. Anyone? Nice clean car btw.
  19. Jas

    New merchandise - History of Renault book

    The Renault File Book (ISBN: 0854299955) This 416 page hardcover book covers every model Renault has made from 1898 to 1998. The beginning concludes Renaults history over the years, then goes on to list all the Renault models, with a seperate chapter for each, and breaks down into each...
  20. Jas

    Price for a Phase 2 16v interior

    How much is a 16v phase 2 interior worth, in good condition but with no door cards?
  21. Jas

    * ClioSport Car of the Year Award 2004 *

    The results from the car of the year award are here: Congratulations to the 3 winners, we will be posting the winner of the 16v award shortly (when we get the photos!) All the winners will get...
  22. Jas

    F’ing DVLA

    For the 2nd time this year Ive got a letter from the DVLA telling me my 172 isnt taxed, it was recorded as being on the road, and to pay the £300 fine. Nowhere is there any information on what to do if theyve got it wrong. It just talks about my offence, and how much theyll fine me if I...
  23. Jas

    New ClioSport pen for renewals!!!

    Instead of the plastic pens we used to send out with renewals, we are now sending these: pen small.jpg"> Its got a satin silver metal barrel with chrome trim and black rubber grip, and black ink. Its a great pen, looks really smart (much better than a...
  24. Jas

    Performance GTi mag out now

    I just found it in my local Spar. So much for our big Scotland trip writeup. Its a tiny article! Might not buy it anymore now :cry: Oh well, Ill read it then report back...
  25. Jas

    Brands Hatch Raffle - WINNERS

    Here are the 30 lucky winners (if order of being drawn) Jamie Harris - boyracer666 Lawrence Barnes - lozza_cup Peter Vlasak - RSi_Clio Paul Local - local Paul Haswell - HazzyP Keith Mackintosh - hief Gareth Weston - rexy Vicky Aldrich Ben Reading Dave George - boygeorge Damien Fortes -...
  26. Jas

    Donny South

    Many thanks to all those who came to Donny today. Thanks to you all, we won the Biggest Club Stand (for the 2nd year running!), which netted the club £300 as well as a trophy (see pic below!) It was good to meet a lot of new faces, shame about the old ones (just kidding!) Also I enjoyed the...
  27. Jas

    ClioSport Show Car of the Year 2004

    This year (as we did last year) we will be providing trophies for Car of the Year, based on the following categories: Best Clio Mk1 (not including 16v or Williams) Best Clio Mk1 (only including 16v and Williams) Best Clio Mk2 (not including 172/182 or v6) Best Clio Mk2 (only including...
  28. Jas

    Raffle for Brands Hatch - 21/22 August

    ClioSport have 20 pairs of tickets to give away for Brands for the weekend 21st/22nd August. The programme features Clio Cup, BTCC, Formula Renault, Formula BMW and Porsche Carrera Cup (see timetable below) Timetable - SATURDAY (PROVISIONAL) 09:00 – 09:20 Qualifying...
  29. Jas

    Avatar Sizes

    Its been noticed that some avatars are too big (in terms of file size). This obviously slows the forum down. We are going to remove any avatars over 50kb in size, and as theres so many, the mods cannot send a PM to each and everyone telling, so if your avatar suddenly disappears, you know...
  30. Jas

    BB 172 turbo - my test drive views...

    I was lucky enough to get a drive in the BB 172 turbo yesterday. It was only a 15 minute drive, but heres the views from my time behind the wheel... Firstly, Ill explain a bit about the car. The turbo kit is in late stages of development, and BB have installed it on their 172 Exclusive (the...