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    Wall mounted Plasma/LCD

    Best way is to have an AV reciever or matrix switcher in the mix too, that way you can feed all your sources to that and then just have 1 or 2 cables feeding your TV. If you are gonna dig out your wall then I would put in there either an RS232 or Ethernet cable. All devices will be...
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    Finnish tuning scene

    Ah BALL$...didn't even know stuff like that existed here!!! Cracking pics.. and there I was chopping wood for the coming year, when I could of been..... CRAP. any other shows happening here at all? Heard there was a French Car Show in Tampere sometime in the summer.
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    williams plaque

    400 Willy 1's aprox 2500 Willy 2's and by the time the Willy 3's were released, everbody was bored and nobody bought them. Not sure on the exact number of units produced though
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    16v gearbox

    Ah crap soz'll be on yer way by now then. Hope everything is OK. Another way to check dodgy gearbox bearings is to drop the oil from it. The sump plug on the gearbox is magnetic and will have the tiny swarf bits attached to it if the bearing races are wearing away. Sure you need...
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    Sunroof leak!

    For the aerial you just have to make sure the bolt is tightend properly. However resealing the sunroof is a slightly tricker job. The headlining of the car needs to be pulled back to access the retaining bolts, and normally the headlining is fixed with silicon adhesive in strips going across...
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    Valver Silicone hoses

    Nick, I remeber chatting to you right before you started doing these kits as you were complaining about the set up cost of the jigs!! Had to go Samco as you were doing them yet. Personally I think you could lose a few stickers from them though.. a little in yer face for me. Next time...I...
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    16v gearbox

    Could be anything mate, wheel bearings are fairly common to go. Next time you hear the nosie just gently swerve side to side and see if the noise changes pitch or gets worse if one direction. Easy and cheap to fix. If the gearbox bearings are going then the noise will only be evident - at...
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    Valver Silicone hoses

    No offence to Nick, but I would stick to the Samco hoses. Quality name, quality product. nuff said
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    crankshaft pulley help

    It depends on which pulley has broken, there is two attached to the crankshaft. One is the main toothed pulley that is part of the engine timing. The other is just a normal flat pulley that spins your auxillary belt. Depends on which one has broken to the importance of it needing changing. If...
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    What the ** f**k ** can drill this out

    Try this... Get a suitable sized socket which you dont care about. Place over the knackerd bolt and smack it as hard as you can. This will deform the head into the hex shape and allow undoing as normal. Works for crappy rounded off wheel nuts..might work on your dilemma too
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    rattly gearbox

    Just had my gearbox rebuilt also - for the second time!! Bearings went, but you could hear a grinding sound that worsened either on full load or lift off. I.e. When the transmission goes from one extreme to the other and the shaft running through the bearing flexs. Try draining your gearbox...
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    Williams re-build - What to change

    Yeah, forgot to mention the suspension. Although I didnt want to change the ride height as most of the roads where I will be living are gravel aka 1000 Lakes Rally and didnt want the expense of fully got all new units from Renault, plus new bushes on wishbones from Powerflex...
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    Williams re-build - What to change

    Hi there everybody...havnt been in this place for a long time... Anyways, I am currently preparing my Williams for export, as I am moving to live in Finland in Dec. As I have the engine and gearbox out of the car I was wondering if any other bits would be good to change at this point -...
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    Renault Sport Spyder

    Horrible, horrible cars!! Had one for about a week, got rid cause it was crap. The chassis was weak, suspension crap, the engine underpowered (for what it could of been), and the brakes are un-servoed. The only good thing was the gulwing doors.
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    Williams Clutch

    Not much help, I know but I did it myself, dead easy. Just a good toolbox, socket set and a pair of axle stands. About £130 for the clutch kit.
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    Which polish

    Liquid parafin, or rub in a few firelighters from the B-B-Q, works a treat, but doesnt smell very nice!
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    R2D2 or Williams

    You have flicked the immobiliser bypass switch. The garages use it so they can start the car without blipping the alarm fob all the time. Just pretend it is a self-arming theft reverse!
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    Drive shaft gattors

    Nah, dont worry about the beer mate. Thats what this place is all about, but you are sure welcome to take a spin down here. Flatmate has a Mk172 as well, some great scenery on the beach if you know what I mean.
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    Williams owners

    Got all the brochures already!! Got my die cast williams from a company called Solido, although it is a left hooker though. model No...1531
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    I think it is just the initial cost from the original manufacturer, and then how much they want to rip you off by. Got the BB one cause I was there with a friend getting some other bits. I would personally buy from Demons but Im sure whichever will be fine. As long as it is a decent make like...
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    Drive shaft gattors

    I think it might come as part of the kit, if it does then replace it. I did all mine when I took the engine and gearbox out. So cant quite remember the bits I bought. If I can do it on my todd then Im sure you can. Down in Brighton. Get the bible though, cause you dont wanna get half way...
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    Got the BB Tuning one, its a Lucas one so no problems there. Just ask what make they are....even a willy one would do it. But dont bother with the wimp peddle conversion
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    16v Gearbox Leak

    Get it sorted quick!! Had the impreza box pack up because of a similar problem on stage. Now its got to go back to Quaife!!! Im crying already.
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    Drive shaft gattors

    The easiest one. The driveshaft is connected to the gearbox stub axle by the roll pin...get a new one from renault as they have updated the design of it to a single piece one now, and some sealant. Decide if you want to take the driveshaft completely out or not. You can change gaitors with it...
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    Drive shaft gattors

    Which side, nearside or offside??
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    16v Gearbox Leak

    It could be just a the top up nut just not being fastened correctly, this is at the front of the box and could seep down into the plastic tray mentioned above, assuming it is the plastic tray that clips onto the base of the engine to keep the gear linkage clean.
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    4-1 and 4-2-1 manifold differences...

    Group A twin all the way mate. I think the Grp N is only singlular because of the homologation rules.
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    Help needed quickly

    Well lots of info there..doesnt leave much room to work with. Can you divuldge any more detail, what are you trying to do, what make and model?? You need to help us first before we can help you!
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    Drive shaft gattors

    Nope, just a good set of pullers so you put the prongs into the wheel nut holes and then wind the centre one onto the driveshaft spline (nut off first though). Undo either the split pin (5mm tap) or the 3 nuts keeping the plate on, depending which side you are changing. Then just take it out...
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    Drive shaft gattors

    Not if you do it yourself. Very simple to do as well.