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  1. RichValver

    Sorry looking sunflower on ebay

    Not Mine but could be a good project for someone
  2. RichValver

    Cleaning an inlet

    So iv had my inlet aquablasted on my 16v, all looks clean but a friend of mine recently had the same work done and a load of grit got into his engine as there must have been some left in the inlet This has concerned me a bit as I can't see any obvious grit in mine and have run a hose through...
  3. RichValver

    Helmet hammock fitting

    Anyone fitted one without a cage? Wheres best to mount it as I can't really see anything to mount it to? Thanks in advance Rich
  4. RichValver

    PAS rack cross threaded help

    This is on my mk1 clio rather than a mk2 but there seems to be alot of helpful people in here Basically iv managed to cross thread one of the hoses to the rack and isn't holding a seal. What are my options here, anyone have any experience with these sorts of repairs? I have ordered a tap to...
  5. RichValver

    RS tuner Locked to one car?

    i always assumed the RS tuner was locked to one car for the maps, is this also the case for the modules? I have tried switching airbag lights off on 2 other cars now and it allows me to switch off each airbag sensor but the light stays on and the codes are still there Is this just a way to get...
  6. RichValver

    Switching from winter wheels to summer wheels?

    So when is everyone switching from winter to summer wheels? Is it too early?
  7. RichValver

    All Mk1 owners get in here 🙂

    Anyone on here who owns a mk1, pop a pic in this thread if you would 😊 would be nice to see whose lurking in here like myself Here's one of my mine to start 😊
  8. RichValver

    Track inferno 182 Ystradgynlais

    Anyone on here? Always see it outside the tyre place. No number plates either so guessing it lives there?
  9. RichValver

    Abs and TCS light and using RS tuner to diagnose

    Has anyone got any experience using the RS tuner with diagnosing issues with abs So the error I'm getting according according the RS Tuner are DTC5023 Rear right sensor signal(unknown status) DTC2033 Rear left sensor signal(unknown status) Then for TCS light DTC5110 Steering Angle sensor...
  10. RichValver

    Megane 225 gear lever issue

    Hope its ok to post on here about a megane but I'm assuming there's some knowledge in here for them I have an issue where the gearstick on my megane 225 sticks between 1-2nd in neutral and is difficult to get 3rd or 4th Seems like a common issue, does anyone know what I need to replace to fix...
  11. RichValver

    172 cup "GMP" Port talbot

    Anyone on here? Looks pretty tidy with some nice bits on it? Trendlines/carbon fuel cap private plate Drive past it all the time Rich
  12. RichValver

    Mk2 Ph2 carbon fibre bonnets?

    Anywhere sell them? I know you can get fibreglass pretty easy. Just don't seem to see any carbon fibre ones available? Its more cosmetic reasons im looking for one tbh Rich
  13. RichValver

    Where are all the Cup racers?

    Just interested to where they all are as you don't seem to find any popping up for sale? There must be a fair few about? Or are they still in use hence not many around?
  14. RichValver

    Ebay 20% discount r888r's ar-1's etc

    May be helpful. Good discount on tyres with demontweeks ebay POPUPSEPT20 Ar-1's £311 in 15's R888r's £345 in 15's Annoyingly iv not long purchased some at fill price 😭
  15. RichValver

    Shift light fault

    Anyone know a common cause for this? Seems to flicker on acceleration as if some engine movement is affecting it. Also have a faulty temp guage which could be connected as that seems to drop during acceleration Any help appreciated
  16. RichValver

    Clio 172 sportex system

    I didn't have an awful lot of luck finding info etc on this system so I thought id just pop a vid up of it for anyone else looking at buying one 😊 Hope this is the right section
  17. RichValver

    Anyone used a 172 Sportex exhaust ?

    As titled, I fancy a change from my ktec stealth system. Has anyone got any opinions in these systems? Very cheap but I'd like to know what they sound like. I do trackdays so it can't be too loud. Also I can't find the bore of the system if anyone knows it? Any help appreciated Rich
  18. RichValver

    182 manifold with 172 exhaust

    What do I need altogether to get this to work. I have a ktec catback at the moment and have a 182 manifold to fit. Can I use a 182 cat or do I need to use a link pipe? I'd like to be able to switch out cat/decat and using a standard 182 cat would be easiest option. Also what happens with...
  19. RichValver

    20% off eBay deals

    Just thought I'd share, can get brand new TD 1.2's in Clio fitment for £308 at the moment If anyone want so add other items into the post crack on 😁
  20. RichValver

    Running a 5pk belt instead of a 6pk

    Any reason I shouldn't run a 5pk instead of a 6pk. Have a misalignment issue due to a Pas pump pulley sitting too close the the engine and a 5pk should sort the issue out without me having to replace the Pas pump again Thoughts?
  21. RichValver

    TD 1.2's on offwer £383 a set

    Demon tweeks currently have a good deal on these. Only the black are in the offer and come with fitting kit Size is 15"/ET35 for that price Thought this might be helpful to others :)
  22. RichValver

    Aux belt jumping

    Basically my aux belt has jumped a grove on the crank pulley. Moved over one to the cambelt side. Any idea what would likely cause this. Has happened twice now (on diff aux belts) but same tensioner Any ideas welcome ?
  23. RichValver

    Exhaust clamp sizes

    Does anyone know which size exhaust clamps Il need for a ktec stealth cat back on a mk2. My centre clamp has gone missing and the rear has come loose so need to fit new ones Rich
  24. RichValver

    New caliper carriers

    Anyone ordered new ones for a 172. Loads of them on eBay around £20 but unsure which is the correct fitment. Anyone had any success getting the correct ones
  25. RichValver

    New Falken Tyres

    I always rave about Falkens for road use as they are very reasonably priced but have noticed they have released a updated version. Ze914 are now Ze310 anyone given them a go yet?
  26. RichValver

    172 Wont start in cold Weather

    this only seems to be an issue when its cold and can be intermittent. The car will not turn over at all. Turning the key does nothing. I have to wiggle the wiring going to the starter motor then it tends to start. Sound Just a bad connection or could it be something else? It doesn't do it when...
  27. RichValver

    A/C pump clutch replacement

    Anyone managed to get hold of the bearing and clutch so I can replace them. Mines failed and would like to get replacements to diy it. Can't seem to find anything for a/c refurbs Any help or details would be appreciated Rich
  28. RichValver

    A/c pump removal/replacement

    Any guides on here? mines failed so needs replacing. what needs removing to get to it. do I need to remove everything that runs off the aux belt or can it be removed by just taking off the belt/tensioner? not taken a look yes so any tips before I get started would be appreciated Thanks
  29. RichValver

    seat fitment 172/twingo 2

    just purchased a set of honda recaros that are on twingo subframes. Any idea if they are likely to fit into the 172 before I try it out? have been told they are custom subframes for twingo thanks in advance
  30. RichValver

    Cheap Genuine oil filler caps

    Just ordered one of these not expecting it to be much but it has arrived in genuine packaging just thought it may help anyone out whose looking for one