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    my old car N88*FLR

    hey guys sold my car ages ago and its its already changed hands 2 times just wondering if the cars owner is on here only reason im posting is to see what the new owners thinks of it??
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    who bought n884flr

    hey any new members on here recently buy my old motor ive been told its been sold onto its next owner just wondering u are happy with it??
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    how much it worth

    right guys maybe selling the 172 wanna idea of whats its worth, and with the influx of imports are these cars not holding their value like they should rights flame red uk car 16k FRSH still under warranty no dents i light scratch and 8 months tax interior pretty mint what car...
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    ind kits

    hey guys how do u take the airbox off a 1.2 16v mk2 clio to fit a ind kit is it easy
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    warranty work ¬!!!!!

    right my tailgate on our 172 has began to rust took it to reno and at first they were willing to replace the complete tailgate under warranty but now they wanna just repair it however im not happy with this and want ir replced as rust almost always comes back and the car is only 1 and half...
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    RUST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    right guys its the dreaded rust. whilse changing a tyre as had a flatty i discovered there is rust bubling through on the tailgate next to the hole where the waters comes out of. its about 3" long in length and 1 cm in width as the car is a 02 year its still under warranty but i wanna know...
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    managed to blag a lift in my old valver yesterday i was well impressed that it was my old car and had been moddd so well to do wat it does it was quick, yes fells quicker then my 172 handles better, corners flatter and at higher speeds and makes a awesome noise and looks bloody good too...
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    how 2

    how do u take out the head lamp of a 2002 172 cheers ppl
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    how much

    how much are new xenon headlamps
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    its broken!!!! already!!!

    right dont know if anyone has experienced this before but i think the 172 is broken again this is wat happened,,, launch off line fast, great launch 40 mph and bang into 2nd gear power is there but there are three loud clonks!!! i back off but power is still there and now on half load...
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    yup its gone!!!!!!!!!

    oh well its gone those who know me, will know how much i love me beloved valver, ive had it two and half years now, to be be honest compared to most on here its been damn reliable and served me very very well as a everyday car. its will be collected on friday but the good thing is ive sold...
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    how do you

    right how do u get ya licence back after the BAN period what forms need filling ect ect and right procedures to get it back
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    whats the difference and whats better

    MacPherson struts VS double wishbones ive always read about these in car reviews but whats the difference and adv and disadv between the two
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    something going right

    some may remember my post about our lethargic 172 its good news its getting slightly faster themore i drive it, i ran it empty the other day and filled up with some super, dont know about know about optimax but it did slightly improve the car no loads but enough to make adifference olling...
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    my post been deleted

    what happened to the post about big engined clios????? did it hit a nerve with the admin crew thought it was a rather good debate
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    Big engined clio’s aint all that...

    Just been reading the latest issue of PGTI but i cant help but feel that if clios turnt up the the 106 V saxo day they would be seriously out gunned... here are some figures: Fastest time was a VTS with head and cams and 50bhp nitrous: 0-60 (5.99), 0-100 (13.89) Supercharged VTR also with...
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    now its the 172!!!!!!!

    grey oily liquid leaking from the 172, what could it be first my car now the damn 172 too is it normal for the aircon to leak as the liuquid is cold whats up or shall i just run it back to reno
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    whats the difference

    what all the differences between clio 16v and ren 19 16v boxes cheers
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    when did

    when did the centre oil level. oil temp and pressure appear on RSI clios im sure they never always had em
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    WTF wrong with it now its gone and died

    hey guys sorry to post another moaning post but i cant take this no more :@:sick: as some may know my car booked in for a £200 job on wednesday just to get the speedo to work but now something much worse has happended driving the car tonight, all of a sudden on decelerating without the...
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    pissed off

    just wanna stress my anger with my valver just when i want to get it ready to sell it pays me back with all my years pampering her by gradually going wrong.sods law i guess so annoyed at moment not only was what i thought a simple speedo cable to fix the speedo not working it turned out...
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    hpi checks

    how accurate/ safe are hpi checks will it tell u stuff like cat D ins write of and repaired back for the road will it 100 % garantee a staright car
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    hey valver and willy dirvers my speedo stop today, but everything else on the clocks still works any ideas. lose cable maybe?? wongy
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    stop light and petrol light or is it oil

    hey guys spend all day in mums 172 and made it my mission to hit the limiter in first sencond and third on every chance anyway after about 2 hours ragging it, i was caining it in first all the way to limiter waiting for shift light for perfect change when mot only shift light flickers for a...
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    lethargic 172 FAO 172 owners

    hey lads and lasses just got back from a run im my mums 172. aint drove it for 2k miles when it had 5k on it it felt very tight then and still does. now 7 k it still feeles very slow and unwilling to pull, it will do 0-60 in about 7 sec no problem but from 60 -100 its quite frankly sh*t i...
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    FAO admin team

    hey guys how u been dont know which of u to talk to so here u go all of u can read it anyway just got back from german, swedish and french bought some disk and pads ect ect for my valver but used my brother pug gti club discount car, it alloys 10% and any disount is better than nothing...
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    on insurance!!!!

    what happens when u say sell ur car before the year is up on insurance do u still get the 1 yrs NCB or do u lose it!!!!! i ask this cos i wont be in a position to replace the car to put another car on insurance policy staright away wongy
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    calling all valver

    here you go i think im going pod on the 18th my brother issueing the challenge down the strip come on valvers, race him. hes itching to race ya in fact willys and 172 and cups hell take u all on wongy
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    my clio 16v Vs mk 1 golf gti

    just got back from a friendly race with one of my mates golf which he just finished for gti international the results!!!!!! i lost but here the details for those who wanna know it was not heroic cornering going on just real world situation races to see whos was quicker the golf spec is 86...
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    to break or not to break

    just curious will i actually make more money braking my car than actually selling it wongy