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    I shook hands with Jean Ragnotti today.

    Then watched a few clips of him in his prime on YouTube... Damn, that fellow can drive!
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    Wow! Great car!

    Did my fist lap with the Renault Sport Clio 197. I'm impressed. Bit of a kill story actually. Was chasing a new VW GTI with a professional at the wheel. I must admit to having a bit of a home course advantage, and I didn't get by until he had a bit of a moment, but what a ball! I let...
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    Clio 197 at the Nürburgring...

    Just thought I would let you know that there is a 197 in the hire fleet at the 'ring now. RSR offer a 197 as well as a V6 and Megane, and Rent-Racecar offer a Megane as well. So if a bunch of you are coming over and need extra cars, you can still have fun in a fast Renault!
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    Cup at the 'ring...

    Was chatting with a few lads who had clubbed together to buy a Cup for a 'ring trip. The car had a 'ring sticker on it and one of the lads said of course they would have to scrape it off before they flogged the car on. Well they went out and rolled it into a ball at Wippermann. About the...
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    French Barbeque
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    Anyone here Black 182 at the ’ring

    Moving pretty well yesterday. Appeared to blow after Eiskurve, lots of smoke, smelled oily...
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    Who might this be

    And who was the silly bollix with the loud Clio?
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    Width of Cup/172

    Got to move my car today in a lorry. How wide is it??? Id measure it myself but the garage is still locked up! Thanks, Ed
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    Bird bends Ragnotti

    Slippy bit of road on the way to the train station caught her out. Looks like A arm, ball joint, halfshaft bits, wing and liner bit... Easy hit against an embankment. Hope to have it back together for the weekend! Ed
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    Found a Willy for sale on

    The car is in England by the looks of things though... Oakfields Natley Scures GB-rg279 Hook, Hants Tel.: +44 - 1256 / 760256 Fax: +44 - 1256 / 762415...
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    Silver Cup with Air Con

    Can anyone find one of these for me? Ive looked on the Renault site but cant find one. Someone said there was a silver one out there! Ed
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    20,000km service.

    Brought the car in for the service. They wanted to put new front tyres on and change the brake pads. I told them not to. I didnt tell them that they were looking at the 3rd set of front tyres and the 5th set of front brake pads... They warned me that I better change the brake pads in the...
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    Upshift light works in 5th gear!

    I got a bit of a surprise yesterday on the way to Köln, as the upshift light came on in 5th gear! Rather amusing, that. Ed
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    Ecotek A Snake Oil merchant has his day in court!
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    DS 3000

    Fitted some DS 3000 to the Ragnotti yesterday. Amazing pads, very high friction and no fade at all. Did 18 laps of the ring with them and they realy seem to be the answer. Now to see how long they last.
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    Brake Disc Grp N

    Part number 77 11 152 431 Is it any better than the stock item? I need a set and if they are an improvement I would like to try them out. Ed
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    Mother Lode of car videos!

    There are lots of interesting car videos here:
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    Brakes are a good thing...

    unfortunately mine were less than optimal today so I only did 10 laps of the ring. Home now to daddy holiday things with the kids, but another 10 or 15 laps would have been nice. Met a lad who owns a Cup. Goes by the name 172Nev on some forum or other. Didnt have his car with him, but I...
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    Tyres on Ragnotti!

    Only took a week! Got a set of the originals and mounted 2 of them. Now I have 2 unmounted spares. Got to get another set of wheels now and Ill be set! Have a set of the Conti 2s on order for when these wear out. Happy days!
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    Help! Tyres for the Ragnotti

    One flat and one well worn front tyre need replacing immediately. Despite the garage making lots of calls all over Germany, we have not been able to find any in stock. Any ideas where I can get some ASAP? As far as I know the tyre is specific to the Ragnotti/Cup which doesnt help at all... Ed
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    Got to get a spare!

    I got a flat yesterday, blew it up with the mousse, did about 15 laps or so, and it went flat again. Now the car is stranded at the ring whilst I sort out a tyre or two...what a royal pain in the arse. There were two Cups there and I was tempted to borrow a wheel...
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    Circuit de Nogaro weekend

    Reasonably cheap weekend for RENAULTSport cars. €40 for one day, €60 for both. http://www.alpinerenault.com
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    A few more ’ring photographs...

    A few shots of my favourite Clio here: Two in the sunshine and one in the Schnee! Ed
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    Clio S1600 poster
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    Renault must build this!

    The Fiesta RS due out in a couple years uses the S1600 bodywork and looks to be competitively priced. Has anyone seen the Autocar article? They got it wrong describing the S1600 version as a turbo, but the rest seemed spot on. Id certainly go for a Clio 2.0 RS built like the Clio S1600. Any...
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    Ragnotti on the Nurburgring Poke around a bit and youll find it. Also a good photograph of the yellow V6 that was there. Ed
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    Clios and other Renaults at the ’ring.

    More Renaults at the ring than any day since last Easter. One blue rally prepped Alpine, a red Alpine, a yellow MKI Clio V6, a yellow Spider, a white R5 GT turbo, and a very well driven 11 4 door of some sort, and of course one Ragnotti. There should be a few photographs on the usual sites...
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    All they have to do is finish...only N3

    83. Salas-Pimentel / Renault Clio (N3) Special Stage Stage General Stage General Time Rank Time Rank Gr. N Cl. 3 Gr. N Cl. 3 <A class=boxes href= " color=#0000ff ES1/U ORTEGA-LA ESPERANZA 2235"900...
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    A spare would have come in handy...

    Late last night and I executed a perfect 180 degree handbrake turn at the end of a friends cul de sac. Probably wasnt the most brilliant of moves, but at the time it seemed the thing to do...Well, about 3/4 through the maneuvre I felt a bump and heard a bit of a pop. I remarked to my buddy...
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    Visited my Ragnotti today...

    Sitting in the showroom with the JR 1998 plates on it. Looks lovely, but the front spoiler/airdam bit was missing. I told the lad that there was a piece missing. He assured me that there was no piece missing. I had to get a bit firmer and he agreed that there was a piece but they didnt...