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  1. Winston

    I have fell off the wagen......

    I have bought a Mk1 16v with a Williams Engine and chassis. I was looking at 172's but after test driving a couple they didn't really float my boat this came up on the Clio16valver forum. Its been well cared for and just had a lot of money spent on it. it was to good to turn down. I finally got...
  2. Winston

    Winstonised Mk1 Golf

    Ive taken the Scirocco off the road for restoration and I have bought a Mk1 Golf Driver. Im going to fit the Sciroccos carb turbo engine and running gear so it can be used as it should be, it will be more performace based, similar to my clios and 5s of the past. This is what it looks like so...
  3. Winston

    Rocco Shoot...

    On friday night me and few friends did a shoot on my car outside the unit. My mate scho is a commercial photographer and fancied having ago at doing a night shoot on my car just for abit of fun. He had a fair few lights etc from the studio in his van so hey why not give it ago! 5 hours later we...
  4. Winston

    Protecting a mild steel downpipe

    I was going to heat wrap my downpipe but after reading into it there was alot of warnings about fires and it eating mild steel. If I wrapped and sealed the downpipe would it still be eaten by rust? Is there anything else I can use to protect it? I know there is ceramic coating but I have a...
  5. Winston

    Few bits and bobs ont bay

    A few bits and bobs Ive got listed on ebay.. 99p start with no reserve. Please feel free to take a look :cool: Cheers Winston
  6. Winston

    KTM SX Racing Supermoto

    My mates selling this so thought I would wh0re it on here as it might interest someone. :cool:
  7. Winston


    Rather strange
  8. Winston

    FAO BIFCAIDS... Genuine Split......

    Wheel Trim!!!.. How awesome eh!!!:approve: I found this on the pitch n putt and instantly thought of biffy and the lenso massive ;);)
  9. Winston

    Another German Daily... BMW E30 iS

    Its that time of year again to buy another E30 for some winter fun.. Ive owned a 318i Touring and a 325i coupe both were had for a bargain price but this was reflected in there condition :o.. I think they are great cars but they seem to have gone up alot in price recently I had read how the...
  10. Winston

    "79 Mk1 Scirocco".. 1272cc Carburetor Turbo Project

    I need to swap the engine to the one on the desk to rock it that low tho.. but i deffo can't raise it :o
  11. Winston

    Get Low

    Mk2 Jetta on a beetle floor Its not finished but it was taken to bugjam and parked in the show and shine lol Ive seen it in the flesh and it was my car of the whole show:o.... I did not take my camera so took no detailed pics, I lifted these from edition38
  12. Winston

    The wise mans way to JDM a VW Caddy

    Build thread if anyones interested... needs translating tho:o
  13. Winston

    Split & Polish... Mad'in Refurb

    These Mad'in split rims are my pride and joy and thought it was time to make them something special by giving them a split & polish... Dare i say i love these wheels more than any car lol The wheels looked like this when i bought them I refurbed them in matt black for my 5 GT Turbo which...
  14. Winston

    The last of my ebay gems... Mk1 / 5 GTT

    These are all the little finishing touches I collected over the years and also some junk lol Im pretty sure there is something for everyone.. Please take a look ... ksid=p3686
  15. Winston

    Mk1 Clio 16V / Williams GSXR Bike Carb Conversion Finishes on sunday evening 7ish Happy bidding Cheers Winston
  16. Winston

    Volvo 340 1.8 16V, GSXR bike carbs, welded diff RWD drift machine
  17. Winston

    1995 Renault Clio 1.2 RL Prima

    My mates car Cheap motoring FTW
  18. Winston

    My Sweeeedish Hooker

    This car popped up for sale on another clio forum... I thought it was perfect for some winter fun..... it snowed the day i collected the car :cool: Its a credit crunch Mk2 escort... shame its so ugly lol
  19. Winston

    Type 2 Detectives... Aircoooled... Air-rided

    Roll low... park lower :approve: This is my favourate car they have built to date... and i hate bays lol VW brasilia... A mix of a uber rare VW and killer stance shot them into the mainstream VW scene Aircooled Mk3 Golf.... this has blown my mind.. not sure if its fully...
  20. Winston

    Pretty dumb welding question

    Can you well mild steel to cast?... I dodn't think you can but if you can it will save me the ballache of making a turbo downpipe flange Failing that.. anyone know where i can buy a T2 downpipe flange? lol Cheers Winston
  21. Winston

    My ITB bits and bats on ebay

    Just getting the most out of my membership renew ... ksid=p3686 Thanks for looking:cool:
  22. Winston

    Custom exhausts in the NW

    I need to get a 2.5" turbo back system for my caddy... can any one suggest anywhere in the northwest that could tackle this job for a fair price? Cheers Winston
  23. Winston

    The replacement

    I picked up this 1979 Mk1 Scirocco GLi / Storm on saturday on the way to VW Festival, so I took some pics of it parked up with my mates Mk1 Jetta The rocco has been sat under a carport for 9 years and the Jetta has been sat in a garage for 10 years... they looked so cool with the old tax discs...
  24. Winston

    Epic BMW E30 V10 build thread :approve:
  25. Winston

    Mk1 Golf Rod

    Shamelessly stole from E38:o Mental!!!!!!
  26. Winston

    £100 run around......

    Angle grinder on standby Jord ;) Its sadly only a 318i... but its comfy a hell and Test till Feb :approve:
  27. Winston

    1*2.... Equal length drive shafts?

    Following a thread on WilliamsClio forum... Im led to beleave that the 182 cup (maybe other RS clios) run a form of equal length drive shafts What models run this set up? 172 Ph2? Does this help traction? cornering? torque steer? Could be a good upgrade for Ph1 RS or Valvers/Williams...
  28. Winston

    Matt effect tyre shine

    who makes one.. I want my tyres black but not shiney anyone:o