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    Northern Ireland Meet Easter Sunday

    Having a run this Sunday to Oxford Island for any of the Northern Ireland members on here :). Plan is to meet in Belfast at between 1030 and 1100 am. Meet some of the Lisburn and surrounding area folk around 1130 and then meet the rest at Oxford Island around 1215-1230! Let us know if you're...
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    Liquid Yellow R27 | Pearl White 350z

    A friend and myself washed the cars and decided to take the cars out a run for a few photos. I can only take credit for supplying the camera and the R27, as I took virtually none of the photos lol. Coincidentally we first took the cars to where the Titanic was built, then round to a scrap...
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    My Clio 197 R27 F1 Liquid Yellow

    After having my heart set on one a 197 for close to a year now, I finally came across this Liquid Yellow R27 197. Took a look round it on Saturday last week, and got the ball rolling with regards to selling my own car [Mk5 Golf]. We reached a deal yesterday and I picked the car up this...
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    New Member, from Belfast

    Hi all, New to the forum. Owned a White Mk5 Golf but have always wanted a 197 R27 Clio. Picked mine up yesterday. Will put a thread up in Members Car section :) Eddie