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    Tuner GP pics
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    sell for a VX yes/no!

    Currently the Vauxhall VX220 has not been assessed by the (NCAP) European New Car Assessment Programme
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    sell for a VX yes/no! My VX Turbo on track
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    Pics from the Peaks *07/05/05*

    I will be up for another cat and fidler run. And maybe this time I will make it in the vx turbo:)
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    York Vids part 1

    martin your pms are full can you still send me the other run i did thanks 16v Jon do you have any of my runs?
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    York Vids part 1

    thanks Martin Vx Turbo vs Alfa
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    York Vids part 1

    dont supose you have any vids of my vx turbo?
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    Scooby vs Clio

    Here is a few vids from my mates 205 mi16 just to show you what it is capable of
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    Cadwell Park 13/03/05 pics A few pics from a track day at Cadwell Park last Sunday. Not 56k friendly. Best to wait for all the thumbnails to load 1st.
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    Oulton trackday footage - are you on it just to add that there is other footage, pics and a new forum now on the site.
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    Mk2 Clio V6 or VX220 Turbo

    It was very dull when i took those pics and the colour has not come out too well, I will be at oulton park on the 12thFeb so that you can have a good look. Might even be on track , not decided yet.
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    Mk2 Clio V6 or VX220 Turbo Thats my vx 220 Turbo, I changed from a 172 to that a few months ago, Re which one to buy v6 or vx I think it comes down to what you want out of the car. A few points though, the vx was always intended...
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    fastest car here

    I will be at york next season to see what my VX 220 turbo can do, Currently modified to about 250bhp. just for comparison a mk1 elise has 120bhp.
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    Speaker size

    I changed the speakers to 6 1/2", involved making some spacer rings and cutting away some of the plastics in the doors. re the wiring i drilled out a space in the plug that goes into the door hinge. As floodie says it can be done but its a bit tricky
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    172 24K service - quote - £325 !!!

    paid £150 for 24k at renault Leeds
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    Miles until next fill-up not working.

    it only counts down the miles to 30 and then displays ---- so if you have almost no petrol in this could be the cause
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    172 24k service

    £150 renault Leeds
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    f**k SAKE!!! Delivery Date

    just hope you get your cars before the french down tools for the summer, as far as i know the factory closes down for a few weeks
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    182 RPM @ 70 mph

    its a hot hatch though not a cruiser, always found mine happy to sit on the motoroway when need be, but thats not what i bought it for.
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    182 RPM @ 70 mph

    mk2 172 is 20.6mph per 1000rpm in 5th mailto:3400rpm@70mph">3400rpm @ 70mph
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    Track day noise limits

    Im looking to do a track day soon but I am worried about my exhaust been too loud I have a supersprint 70mm system straight through, as any of you have heard this will know its very loud. the track limit is 98db(drive by) but that dont mean anything to me. Is my car likely to be able to run?
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    Replacement Mats for MK2 172

    will just mats sell me just the front mats, back ones in mine are still fine
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    Hill Power - ECU and Silicone hose kit!

    I had the inlet done 1st off a month before the other mods and it did feel stronger after that. id recomend getting it done
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    Hill Power - ECU and Silicone hose kit!

    i did have the piper cams and r-sport ecu cam ecu fitted on my 172 (mk2) and it just caused loads of problems idle was at 1300rpm (real pain in traffic) main reason for taking the ecu off was it retarding the vvt at 5500rpm so lost all top end power following this i had a unichip...
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    172 exhaust system - for free

    cliokev where are you based?
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    just looking at differnces between super Ts and superlegeras in an 18" wheels (chosen as only size shown for both wheels on wheelspecs site) Ts 26lb 11.8kg Ls 17.6lb 8kg
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    cold air feed induction hose

    http:// expensive but ment to be very good
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    Slighty miffed

    yeh 172 speedos are very accurate id say on mine reading 80mph would be an actual 78.5 bad luck that as id have thought up to 80 and you should be ok
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    identify this catalytic converter

    this was with the turbo kit i bought a while ago, that was sold on last year but i ended up with this left over. im not sure if its from another renault in the range or is a custom cat
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    Sat Nav Install

    take a look on here