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  1. BenR

    Subaru Legacy GT £1800,N-240-4294966911/advert.action?R=200837318380190&distance=1&postcode=rh20+2rp&channel=CARS&make=SUBARU&model=&min_pr=&max_pr=&max_mileage= Details in my autotrader advert. Only getting...
  2. BenR

    Annoyed at PS3

    God the games available are so CRAP!
  3. BenR

    Whats going on........:S?

    Right, i've not been on the net for over a week solid just so i can hunker down and get some serious work done. Anyway regarding: I didnt have a chance to reply as i had not seen it before it was closed, and i...
  4. BenR

    Perfected and finished - Inlet manifolds

    After weeks and weeks of work and trials which have turned into months, the most cost efficient mod has just got that tiny bit better. After recieving so many orders, i was just physically unable to carry out the work without shutting down the rest of my business and the manifolds had to be...
  5. BenR

    Help From phs1 172 owner required.

    Could Anybody with a phs1 172 please give me a call on 07816518198, just a quick bit of information required as i dont have a car present. Thanks Ben
  6. BenR

    FAO the person who sent me the polished plenum

    Sorry, I've lost your contact number and i dont seem to have any email correspondance. Could you contact me via phone or email please. Thanks Ben
  7. BenR

    The guy on here who does onboard cams for cars.

    ANybody remember the name of the guy who does all those video solutions for onboard cams and vids etc.
  8. BenR

    F4R engine build article

    For those whom it might interest, the F4R build article has been updated onto the website. A brief how-to into the assembly of a 172/182 engine. We dont give away any specific details for obvious reason.
  9. BenR

    AngelWorks Website LIVE!

    Finally, after what seems years of change after change, the AWT website is now live. Its not finished and there is alot still to put up, but that will be added as things move along. A massive thanks to Craig (Adams_16V) who put in more time, effort and design though into this than was...
  10. BenR

    anybody got experience with ipod nano or ipod video?

    Just wondering if anybody has and good experience with how they are. Heading off on holiday soon and wouldnt mind one to occupy me.
  11. BenR

    AngelWorks Inlet manifold mod

    As some of you might remember, i ran a group buy for the inlet manifold modifications i offer. Anyway, matt kindly paid for his own before and after RR runs as he wanted to see the gains and thought it would be of help to me since we've never done a straight before and after, it has always...
  12. BenR

    Cup on A1, friday eve.

    Going through the roadworks before you turned off. Cliosport sticker on the rear window, letterbox type exhaust, anthracite wheels i think. i was behind you in the silver subaru legacy.
  13. BenR

    AWT inlet manifold group buy

    Seeing as there is some interest ill see if a group buy can be arranged, however they are notoriously difficult to get the whole group together. I offer 2 stages of manifold modification. 1) Mild rework. This involved more than your typical port match and is based around the redevelopment...
  14. BenR

    Bhottle todies = pig bower

    Just finished the build today, and getting ready for installation....ill show it when its done. Figured why not show pics Output wont be known until its mapped and finished as it compramises of modififcations not tested as of yet. AWT comp sprint headwork AWT 285 cams AWT modified throttle...
  15. BenR

    ANybody seriously regret not having

    Aircon!? God damn its hot today, i bet ebay aircon sales are through the roof, i know im looking for one. Couldnt imagine gettin in a non aircon car. Opps, my nutts just fell off.........damn its hot.....can i say that enough?
  16. BenR

    WAITEY! i’ve stolen your wheels!

  17. BenR

    My New Hero.

  18. BenR

    valver on black willy wheels - anybody

    Just wanna see
  19. BenR

    Joke right sorry if its a repost, but freaking hell.
  20. BenR

    AngelWorks Technologies - V6 exhaust

    Hello All, After lot of time, the V6 exhaust is out, the first one one fitted ovar the last 2 days. Comprising of the complete sytem of 3-1 headers, link pipes and rear box, the system is hand crafted, tig welded stainless throughout and emits a glorious noise. Details such ascollectors and...
  21. BenR

    Import DOuble DIN HU

    Got a jap import and the headunit has a paddy with some CDs. Are they picky on what type they will read as it keeps comming up with error 6. It an ADDZest DMX960Z random thingy brand. ANy help most appreciated.
  22. BenR

    A’PEXi multi organ..

    got one?
  23. BenR

    * NEW * Pro Speed stainess system

    Went to cardiff today to meet the famous or rather infamous Andy Cutler of GDI. We went to Pro Speed as he was having his system tweeked. Whilst there i had a bike can in the car i brought just in case. Low and behold, about an hour after asking him if it would be possible i had a brand...
  24. BenR

    Little Alarm help

    Just need some quick help. My alarm has recently started going off by itself about 3 mins after i arm it and am getting no end of hassle from it. Not to mention the crabby women going on and on and on about the noise. Anyway, i arm it and walk off....then it goes off.....for no reason...
  25. BenR


    any info on those tools matey?
  26. BenR

    Bargain exhausts

    Just heard elsewhere, Devil exhausts are discontinuing their car exhausts. clearance sale.
  27. BenR

    Chris H, i need your help

    hehe, i thought that would get people poking their heads in. I need you to pop down to the caterham HQ, and kick the parts guy up teh arse and tell him to hurry up with my clutch. the cars sitting here in peices! It looks like i need a new clutch eh............just a little haha...
  28. BenR

    CCC action dat that you ALL MISSED!

    ok ok, its in the racing forum.......but pep doesnt venture in there and wont see himself.
  29. BenR

    people wanting N20 - deals

    Just a quick notice ot ask if anybody wants a new nitrous kit as some buyers are interested and discounts are to be had. all new, and if you have specific orders/needs, these can be incorporated. Ta peeps!