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  1. Philip.

    RB 200 - Stoke/Derby A50

    Nice car dude. I was in my grey/white Cupra 290. Was going to have a play but Mrs was in the car 😂
  2. Philip.

    Seat Leon Cupra 290

    Hi folks! It's been a while. Been busy moving out/relocating, moving jobs, etc. As some of you may recall, I had an FN2 that turned out to be the workhorse before I relocated. It was time to get rid...feel like I've well and truly upgraded. Car is a 2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290 with the DSG box...
  3. Philip.

    Phil's Milano Red FN2 Type R

    The DC5 left me yesterday morning as I wanted to free up some cash for house/grown up I went to pick this up a few hours later :) Had a drive of a couple and as soon as I saw this I knew it was the one. Specs; 2007 GT Model (Cruise control, fogs, auto wipers, auto lights) Just...
  4. Philip.

    Blue 197 - Bromborough @ 12pm

    I was in the DC5 and you went past me. Looked great! Low, wide and pretty clean. Surely someone on here?
  5. Philip.

    Blue 1*2 - Cars and Coffee Chester

    At the meet this morning. Looked clean as hell! Very nice.
  6. Philip.

    Silver 172 - Parkgate on Saturday afternoon

    I think it had a club sticker on the back too. Sounded and looked very nice. Wasn't in the DC5 unfortunately. Anyone?
  7. Philip.

    Silver 182 - Wirral (Spital/Bebintgon)

    This was late last week. Was walking the dogs and saw you pulling out onto Spital Road. Sounded lovely. Who is it? :D
  8. Philip.

    Black 182 and black non-sport - Bromborough (Project Wirral Meet)

    Saw both at that meet last night. Wasn't there for long in the Teg, went to slay some b-roads after about 15-20mins. I think the non-sport lives round the corner from me (Spital). Reminds me of my old one. Anyone?
  9. Philip.

    Water spots

    Got them all over the windows on the dc5, must have been burnt on during the import process. Bought a sample of car chem's glass cleaner and it's done f**k all, not even touched them. What's next, white vinegar? Or is there some other product that's stronger?
  10. Philip.

    Honda Integra DC5

    Say hello to the new car! Integra DC5 Type R 67k First UK owner (I had to register it too!) Red Recaro interior HID's Kakimoto Mega N1 exhaust system (baffle is in, it's f**king loud 😂) Pioneer double din Car was again a 4B at auction in Japan, the paintwork and panels are in...
  11. Philip.

    Red 200 - Bromborough, Wirral

    Seen it a few times around and about now. Anyone from here? Looks and sounds very nice. :D
  12. Philip.

    An Alien Green & a white 200 - Bromborough, Wirral last night?

    At that Project Wirral Meet thing. Both looked very nice, love AG so much. Anyone on here? I was in the 15!
  13. Philip.

    A good product to clean seats? Tips?

    Any good stuff out there to give my seats a clean? Got some marks on there from when I got soaked over the weekend and got back into the car. 😧 They wont need a proper wet vac will they? Tips and that welcome. Thanks in advance!
  14. Philip.

    Refurbished TV's

    Right guys, in need of a cheap TV but would like it to be pretty good too. I stumbled across some decent spec'd refurbished ones on eBay, but are they a no go? Any advice? Anyone bought one? Cheers!
  15. Philip.

    Silver 1*2 - Upton (Wirral)

    Looked very nice! Low with black wheels. Parked up by Sainsburys/Mcdonalds. :smile: Anyone?
  16. Philip.

    'Friendly' MOT Garage? - Wirral

    Anyone know of any 'friendly' MOT garages on the Wirral? PM details. Cheers.:kissingheart:
  17. Philip.

    Trophy - Oulton Park/Chester

    Who was it then? ;) Looked awesome. I do love a good trophy!
  18. Philip.

    Black 172 - Wirral (M53) last week

    I was in the s15 and you pulled alongside me on the motorway, had a nose and then hammered it off, anyone on here? Lol. Sounded nice and looked like it went well. Was pretty low too!
  19. Philip.

    Fog light switch help.

    Hey guys, need a hand with this Pain in the ass fog light. Which wire hooks up to where on the switch? If you can't tell on the pic.The wires are red and black/black/yellow and grey Cheers!
  20. Philip.

    Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R

    Picked it up yesterday after a long and annoying drive down to Devon (7 hours down, 7 and a bit hours back) It just hit 70k on the way back, it's stock apart from the Pro-drive alloys and a CD player. Was a grade 4B at auction in Japan, it's pretty much spotless on the outside, couple of...
  21. Philip.

    Red 200 - Bromborough Village - Friday evening

    Anyone here? I stopped behind you whilst dropping off. Nice car.
  22. Philip.

    Spraying plug cover...

    I know it's not a Clio but... Would normal paint be okay on a spark plug cover or should I use VHT paint? Only doing it matt black or something. Cheers folks :clown:
  23. Philip.

    Slammed Society 2013 - JDM and Slammed stuff inside.

    Videos dont get posted much anymore, that needs to change. This one's okay.
  24. Philip.

    Insurance help needed...

    Not my insurance, but a relatives. They're looking for quotes at the moment as it's renewal time. They have only been driving a year, but they made a claim 2 years ago or so after the car they were in hit a wall causing personal injury(more than just whiplash). When getting a quote, do they...
  25. Philip.

    Black Non-sport - Wirral

    Anyone here? Black with black wheels. Looked pretty low too! Saw you going past Wirral Grammer School last night about 6ish.
  26. Philip.

    Silver 182 - Wirral, Spital (last night)

    Saw you on Spital road and I pulled out behind you. You then pulled into a drive opposite the BP. Had a CS sticker on the back window. Anyone?
  27. Philip.

    200 - last night - West Kirby, Wirral

    Think it was a 200 anyway. Was a Nimbus. Was pottering round a few times, once behind me in the Type R after I drove past. Looked smart, anyones on here?
  28. Philip.


    Took these for a friend and thought I would share, nothing amazing photo wise but his car is looking good. Photobucket has crapped on them a bit, should have uploaded to Flickr, ah well!
  29. Philip.

    Blue 182 - Last night, Krispy Kreme in Manc-land

    Anyone? Was about 9pm. Sounded nice :cool:
  30. Philip.

    RB182 Cup - Bromborough, Wirral - L333 ***

    Had stripes and a ClioSport sticker. I was behind you in the Civic :) Anyone here?