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  1. jinjur

    Dash and electronics resetting?

    Hi gang Something new now :/ Over the past week or so, when I have started the car after it sitting overnight, all my counters have reset. Mpg, trip etc To add to the oddness, my automatic headlights setting (i.e. come on with ignition) was also lost this morning and I had to do the...
  2. jinjur

    Driveshaft noise?

    Right, among many things in this car I have been chasing a rattle/knock for a very long time. It occurs when going over rough surfaces (cobbles for example) or when the engine is in high gear at low speeds, or setting off. Only seems to be coming from the passenger side, low down. The general...
  3. jinjur

    Drivers window

    So ehhhhhhh..............can anyone tell me what I am looking at here or is it just an old stripping match to see what has happened. I thought it might have been the little plastic clip (riveted to the window) but that actually looks intact
  4. jinjur

    door window seal

    Hi gang, Looking part numbers on the door window seal for both front doors on my clio and if anyone has ideas on pricing? Its only the horizontal part btw that looks to be rusting internally on the p/s and is bubbling up and deformed and letting water in the door. Cheers J
  5. jinjur

    O2 values

    Hi gang, What is the general thought if both O2 sensors are starting to track the same/similar values when logged? Does the following start to look like the cat isnt working as it should? Car was up to temp btw.
  6. jinjur

    Eugh........water under back seats

    Ok, so was giving the wee car a clean after using it as a house moving workhorse for a bit and noticed that under the rear ns sead is sodden Had a look around the area and cannot see where it might be coming from so gonna dry it and cover it in talc to see if it helps me trace it. Any general...
  7. jinjur

    Something let go this morning

    Eugh, so about to pull out of junction to leave the girls to school and drive. Got the car to a safer place (albeit abandoned) and a neighbour kindly brought the girls for me So sitting in the car trying to work out what has happened. I don't see any oil or bits of metal anywhere...
  8. jinjur

    Weird wiper / electric window issue

    Hi gang, Recently the car has been doing an odd thing with the wipers and electric windows Get into the car, start it and drive off.....all is well. Wipers working, windows working. Then i can hear a little click of what sounds like a relay in the passenger area and the wipers stop working. I...
  9. jinjur

    White gearbox selector bush

    Righto, Clio project is still progressing and while I do still have some hesitancy issues (to be picked up with a parts swap with a fellow board member) my attention has been turned to my gearbox. It is quite simply, pishing oil and yes, I know that is common. I have a gearbox refurb exercise...
  10. jinjur

    Crankshaft bolt torque

    Hi gang, I have a crank pulley to replace and was wondering if anyone can give me the torque settings i need to re-tighten to? I have a new bolt, the original was prob fine as timing was done not so long ago but for a few quid, i though just replace Now, I only have a torque wrench in lbft...
  11. jinjur

    Front passenger suspension knock *losing the plot*

    Hi team, So the Clio has developed an irritating (and concerning) knock in what seems like the front passenger suspension but I have had the lot stripped right down and I cannot find play in anything. I appreciate that with the weight of the car, we can be talking about a tiny bit of play that...
  12. jinjur

    2003 Clio 172 FF front springs

    Hi guys. Hope someone can advise or help. Worst possible timing but was just starting out in the car the other day and heard the wrong kind if jingle this season as a bit of one of my front springs hit the road :( This is a daily drive for me so is important to have on the road. Had a look...
  13. jinjur

    Really feint hesitation/miss at light throttle

    Hey gang, Hopefully a quick one. Car has been going absolutely banger since I sorted the timing. Thanks for all the advice around that. This week I noticed a niggly thing, not an issue per-se but I would like to nail it before it potentially gets worse. At motorway speeds in 5th gear and...
  14. jinjur

    Powerflex dogbone mount - check it

    Hey gang, Just a quick heads up. I was having a world of pain with my engine manifold hitting the subframe again even though I had the powerflex dogbone mount in and brand new engine and gearbox mounts. After much arsing about pulling the engine forwards, backwards, this and that.....I...
  15. jinjur

    Clio 172 tensioner spring bolt

    Hi gang, Had to replace the upper timing belt cover as the threads were destroyed (main dealer from a while ago i think) and the mount was basically hanging off. But had a hell of a time removing the tensioner spring bolt (one arrowed in stolen pic below) as it looked like it had been eaten by...
  16. jinjur

    Top mounts

    Hi gang, Hope you can help as I am seriously doubting myself here. A short while ago I had, lets just experience with a boulder while avoiding an idiot on a country road :( Wheel has a slight buckle and tyre is duffed but I suspected top mount damage which upon removal, seemed...
  17. jinjur

    Engine/exhaust/subframe knock

    Hey gang, We have all been through this at some stage.....and we usually resolve it with a polybushed dogbone or just healthier mounts but I am in a situation where I am getting the exhaust/manifold - subframe type knock from the bulkhead under acceleration....usually only 1st gear. My dog...
  18. jinjur

    o2 sensor.....halp please :(

    Hi all, Well, recently the Clio had been throwing a P01030 intermittently which I read as being "O2 Sensor Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1)" and I understood that this was the front O2 sensor (Ph2 172) So I grabbed one from ECP (A HAAS one might I add, not Bosch) and dropped it in. Pig of a job, but...
  19. jinjur


    Right-o, So I bit the bullet and got the whole she-bang done at a reputable place here. This included: Cambelt + tensioners Aux belt + tensioners Water pump + Renault coolant Dephaser New cam pulley seals New crank bolt So I think it was the full package. Anyway....terrible engine clatter and...
  20. jinjur

    Type D coolant.....

    Can I just check...........Renault Type D, well.......right? There aren't any sub-types or anything are there? I have seen part # 7711428130 listed. Is this the right stuff for a ph2 172? J
  21. jinjur

    Fans blowing on full.....anything else apart from resistor?

    Hi gang, Fans randomly starting blowing full pelt today out of the blue. Only asking if there is anything else to check apart from the resistor as I soldered it around a year ago and this fixed the issue before. I see they are only around 15 quid on ebay but thought i would see if there is...
  22. jinjur

    Intermittent P0130

    Hi all, In the past couple of months, I have had the EML and P0130 error thrown in my car, usually at start-up accompanied with a bit of an off smell from the exhaust. I suspect that this is as others have noted, the upstream lambda failing but is the intermittent nature of it normal too? I...
  23. jinjur

    Engine / bulkhead noise......standard stuff :/

    Hi gang, Standard Clio stuff again, so I have noticed the old buzzing noise against the bulkhead getting worse of late when tramping on. I already have the dogbone mount powerflexed so I doubt it is that. however, the top engine mount was about 3 years old so I swapped that out yesterday for a...
  24. jinjur

    Timing tool rental

    Hi gang, Faced with the looming task of a full belt + dephaser job on the Clio......I was wondering if there is anyone on here doing rentals of the tools and what are the terms/costs etc? Really REALLY do not want to be going to the Laser tools after reading the pains some people have had...
  25. jinjur

    Dephaser confirmation and/or something else?

    Hi gang, Ok....I am back in the mood for sorting things so I r-e-a-l-l-y think I am going to have a go at the belts myself......I know what some of you will say but I am fairly technically sound and confident with the oily bits. It's bugging me that this is the only thing I am afraid of...
  26. jinjur

    Timing belt query in NI

    Quick shot in the dark much would it take for any of you guys @Fred@BTM @MicKPM @Dan@SJM to get yourselves over to sunny NI to do the belts, dephaser and pump on a Clio 172? Has there ever been a group effort on this? Would there be many NI takers? How many could you bear to do in...
  27. jinjur

    RSTuner ABS bleed

    Hi, quickie.... Can anyone confirm or deny that clicking the "Run ABS Pump" or "bleed xx caliper" in the ABS module of the RSTuner should result in a noise.....or an abs fart.....or something? J
  28. jinjur

    rstuner map compatibility

    Hey guys, quick one.....probably asked before so sorry Can the very latest rstuners use older maps? I had one of the blue translucent rstuners that I used to map my car but about to buy a later rstuner and was wondering if there will be any issues? Cheers J
  29. jinjur

    abs failure

    Hi guys, Apologies, I realised this abs specific question was buried in the engines sub-forum so hoped some exposure here would help me. A few days ago, when i got into the car to drive home, I noted that the ABS, SERV and ESP lights were all on. When I drove off, i saw the STOP and handbrake...
  30. jinjur

    Exhaust, top end rattles, many, MANY lights on the dash......argh....

    Hey squad, Long time no speak (and i have let my membership lapse.....#shame) Clio has been trouble free for so long so I can't complain, but bucked. LOL! Ok, I'll start. 1.) Exhaust rattles. Well, this car has a KTec stealth cat back system on it and for...