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  1. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    Thought i would put a timeline togther of my car from 2004 till now. Frist mod was my 17s 4x4 style Stage 2 40 springs Next up was mk2 ph2 rears lights After looking for ages and saving i found a sublte kit for clio. booked the car into bodyshop and here were the results...
  2. Clio R

    Some updated pics :)

    alrite peeps havent posted any pictures for a while, so heres a lil update. i gave the car a lil wash today followed by sum auto glym super resin polish :). still few bits todo ,haveing the side strips and handels all repainted in the next few weeks to freshen up the car a lil. Then thats...
  3. Clio R

    peugeot partner

    selling my peugeot partner van on ebay if anyones after a cheap runner. email me for better pics if intrested :)
  4. Clio R

    racing blue 197 white alloys harlow

    about 11 last nite cuming down dual carrigage way from harlow. spotted a 197 with white alloys and renault spiltter kit looked tidy anyone off here?
  5. Clio R

    the cars new look ;)

    Hey peeps well as sum of you no i recently buckled one of my alloys going over a pot hole :(. after bit of searching ive found out they have discontied the alloys i had. so now i have to fork out for hole new set. But for the mean time im rolling round on sum 15inch steelies lol, just thort...
  6. Clio R

    silver 16v badges

    just puting link up on here for my mate thats selling them
  7. Clio R

    artur69uk stevenage

    thort i wud put post up :) rear lights look 100 times better by way mate u just need to use this gudie. i notied ur brake lights where orange i.e ur indercaters lol ;)
  8. Clio R

    sunflower 172 mk1

    just spotted this nice rare color
  9. Clio R

    2 x 172 cups in halfrauds carpark stevenage

    spotted to cups in car park about 1ish today :) anyone off here? one was parked opposite me had elf stickers on mirrors and pistton heads sticker? If anyone off here check local meetings there is cliomeet in stevenage leusire park tomorow at 1pm :)
  10. Clio R

    PS help 172 rims

    alrite peeps just quik one, could sumone do photoshop on my 172 wheels in Black or anthracite. im either thinking of refurbing them or selling them and putting 17s bk on. Cheers ross :)
  11. Clio R

    clutch on 1.2 16v

    hey peeps i have a 1.2 16v 2001 mk2 ph1 clio, and was wondering wat are the signs of a clutch on its way out ?. reason i ask is my car is on 61k and the clutch seems to be alot heavyer compared to sum of my mates 1.2 16v clios but theres are on 15k and 30k.
  12. Clio R

    blue 197 / silver 182 Near Galliera Hatfield

    spotted both you in airfield pub i fink its called. Both cars looking clean in this weather :) both put mine to shame :(
  13. Clio R

    Few pics i took today :)

    as xmas day is boring and roads are clear, I went out today and snapped sum last 2006 pics as i washed car last nite :) in new year hopeful im gona book car into bodyshop and have sum mk2 ph2 side strips colorcode and fitted to my car and get handels and front bumper reprayed :) then hopefuly...
  14. Clio R

    gold class wax gone off?

    just quik question peeps i have sum gold class wax havent used it for 3months or so. I went to use it today seemed to have gone off ? was all watery :s cudnt realy use it :( made sure i gave it gd shake etc
  15. Clio R

    Upgrading battery

    Hi peeps just quik question :). just wondering if its worth upgrading the battery in a 1.2 16v 2001 i dont fink mine has been replaced before since new :S. was looking at my battery and notcied how tiny was, anyone recomend any gd batterys etc mite sound stupid but i dont ave clue...
  16. Clio R

    strong wheel cleaner

    Ive just bought sum second hand 172 alloys and wana no wats best for cleaning inside of them. as i wana remove all the grime and brake dust that has built up over time. anyone have any recomendations? cheers ross
  17. Clio R

    Egg on clio

    does Anyone no wats best to remove it. as sum clowns egged my car last nite :(. ive got most of it off just hard to get clear residue off paint looks like stain :s cheers ross only got pic of bk as camra died that pic is just before tried to wash. got all the yellow off just that...
  18. Clio R

    Starvin Marvins meet post ya pics here

    heres few pics i took came out bit crap tbh lol. i no quite few u took shots so put them up in here :) was gd meet nice to put few more faces to names on here.
  19. Clio R

    carbon strut brace

    alrite peeps just quik one. i no sumone selling a ktec carbon strut brace for rear its off a 172 mk2 and i have a 1.2 16v mk2 ph1 any chance it will fit mine aswell ? cheers
  20. Clio R

    new rims and clean

    well put my new winter rims on about 3 weeks ago. I hadnt got round to getting any pics till wednesday when weather wasnt to bad:) . i gave car a wash and clayed then used step 1 paint cleaner and waxed all megs products didnt have time to polsih. as pissed down shortly after. i also gave...
  21. Clio R

    silver mk1 172 near A600

    i was in my mates black convertable astra 2liter turbo had lil play with ya on that road just before esso even thou u were rite up our ass lol nice car u had there mate was loud as hell.
  22. Clio R

    quik wash and cleaned engine :)

    fort i wud share a few pics gave car a quik wash last week before trax then gave enige gd scub was filfthy and put new enige cover i bought off a mate :) only 1.2 16v so nothing exciting.
  23. Clio R

    blue 172cup stevenage

    saw a blue 172 cup had evo sticker in back window, was behind you near stevenage dump and forulma 1 garge. then you booted it off over a few rounderabouts my lil 1.2 16v cudnt keep up on straghts lol. nice car mate :).
  24. Clio R

    Rear Seats Removed And a Proper Gd Clean :)

    well spent best part of 4 hours or more on bodywork of car on friday afternoon with freind and here are results :) All products used Few more pics in countryside And inside car now
  25. Clio R

    Gd cleaning session and painted drums

    Hey peeps i decide to give my car a gd wash as weather been so nice recently. I used step 1 megs paint cleaner and step 2 megs polish. Followed by Turtlewax Namo wheel wax with sum megs tyre dressing. just need to sort out this missing wheel cover and a refurb on my rims and thats the car...
  26. Clio R

    { More Mod Nats pics }

    sum pics my frenid took about 36 photos was gd old day out
  27. Clio R

    Redline pics

    Few are from puma forum my mate spotted so thort i wud put them on here was gd show
  28. Clio R

    {washed polished and waxed}

    Alirite peeps havent posted any pictures of my car for while now and as it was a nice day thort i wud give me car a wash polish and wax only took me hour half not long but done the job. Car hasnt changed much recently bought sum clear side repeaters to finsh exteror.Im temped to buy cup spolier...
  29. Clio R

    NEW Shots Clio R

    Hey peeps havent posted for much this year took few photos last sunday at Galleria in hatfield Took photos on top of galleria muity story car park only problem was after taking shots caught me bloody bumper on huge speed bump going down car park and it riped sum of the mounting...
  30. Clio R

    Before and after over year 2005

    I just thought i wud share sum pics of progress of my subtle clio over hole of 2005 how it started and now its nearly finshed state. This is when i got car in late 2004 then modding began First i bought my first set of rims...