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    Hello to the old-school & question

    Just thought I would pop by and noticed this thread. Wow still a few people around then :D
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    172 cup vs focus ST

    I am not sure the two cars are comparable. I have been arguing on this forum (on and off) for years about people not comparing like for like. The ST is comparable to the Megan 225, the 182 is going against the Fiesta ST. The ST is going to be faster (not by much) as it is a bigger more powerful...
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    182 v’s Golf 2.0 TDI 140

    My Golf is standard and not much off my old 172 for straight line speed. 166bhp, 247lb and 135mph top speed, my mate has the 130bhp version REVOd to 180bhp, and BMW 330Cis cant get away. Where they fail is on fun, Golfs are no where near as much fun as 172s or 182s to drive. But then I get...
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    Oil for the 182 - a source

    try: "> Brun, who used to be the oil god of this forum a few years ago (and may still be) recommened this type of oil for the 172, fully synthetic. I used this and it meant that my old 172...
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    mpg how many do u get

    52mpg on a good day normally average 47 :D. I used to get 32-34 in the 172 I had, it never dropped below 30 on a 200 mile run but then it never had anything other than optimax either.
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    CTR to 172

    Hi and welcome. In answer to your question ... Not that I am aware but plenty have gone the other way. :D
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    Just test drove a 182 ! * PHOTOS *

    LOL... I thought you were so excited at the 182 test drive that you had forgotten to shave and collected it in your Pajamas :D Not really spooky, common sence considering that I always believed everyone in Wales were related (runs and hides) :D Anyway, to be honest your 172 and the 182 look...
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    Just test drove a 182 ! * PHOTOS *

    Dai - you need a shave :D... Anyway excellent set of photos, not really that different to the normal 172 though they do look better when lowered. I like the wheels more than the old 172 ones. Exhaust exits should either be bigger or closer together. Interior - the 172 looked too plastic...
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    Are Cups getting more common

    I never used to see any 172s, now I see at least 1 a day, I saw a silver one today, a blue one yesterday and often see a silver one and a Cup on my way to work. I hardly ever see red or black ones. So yes I think they are becoming more popular especially as the price is plumetting on them. I...
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    Now get an alloy tax disk holder, fill it up and re-live the good old days.
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    Excellent, that picture of your new 172 makes it look real mean, :D Very good price, almost wish I hadnt got rid of mine.
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    172 for £9000 OR 182 for £12500-£13000

    If I had to buy right now then a 172 - in a years time I would go for the 182 it gets much better reviews and is probably better made due to them dealing with all the small problems on the 172. Yours sounds very good though Dai.
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    sigma m32 alarm

    I had one on my old 172 but never had any problems with it sorry.
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    182 Costs....

    Seedy seems jealous. What is 1bhp per ton to having Climate Control, ABS, more choice of colours and some funny exhaust entries? :D
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    Need help on ’02 172 purchase - warranty

    Haha well I suppose Blue is OK (second best colour). I hope the weather gets better so that you can put the car through its paces and give it a long wash and polish.
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    Need help on ’02 172 purchase - warranty

    So Dai you are back in the 172 fold :D . What colour is it? I hope it is black. Pictures please when you have it.
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    MKI 172, Fiat 20v Turbo or Teg Type-R

    The pictures a Zonda but my car isnt :( - just havent bothered finding/ uploading a picture of my car yet - it is a Golf 150PD - Almost as fast as the 172 but better build quality. I still say the ITR is the way to go if possible though with the 182 coming out 172 prices may drop even further...
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    Renault Letter......

    Sorry Steve hope they stick to this date...
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    Renault Letter......

    Todays the day - have fun :D
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    MKI 172, Fiat 20v Turbo or Teg Type-R

    Welcome back Daipac, as you can probably tell I sold my 172 as well. I would not have another 172 unless it was a very good deal. Honda make better cars so the Integra would be my first choice. A (Fix It Again Tomorrow) Fiat I would not touch, I know they are fast and can be tuned but they...
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    Keep my 172 or buy Focus RS

    Get a Golf R32 much better car easily as fast in a straight line and handles better. Or Leon Cupra R.
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    Over 1,000 current members!!!!

    Thanks Jas - I cant take all of the praise.. it takes a lot of time to create this many different personalities with different IP addresses.. :D Anyway congrats Jas this is still the best forum of anytype on the net. Have a great 2004.
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    Trade Sales and 172’s

    Motorpoint have 2 x 172s in black 2x 172s in Blue and 10x 172s in Silver - All for £11699 3years warranty. So if anyone is looking for a deal go there I got my 172 from there with out problems.
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    172 Going

    The Golf is an all round better car and with the mods sould put it up in the same league as the 172 and CTR but it is not as much pure fun as the 172. Should turn more heads though :D
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    All of the Renult dealers in Northants are Crap!!! You are better off importing it.
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    Renault Letter......

    Wow congrats steve I look forward to seeing the beast around Northants in the New Year.
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    Clio V6 new model on 5th Gear

    It was parked up during the clamping part of the programe in Dorset, shame she didnt clamp it, as it was so wide it looked like it was taking up two spaces.:D Looked nice though what you could see of it.
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    182 on the way...

    Congrats, I hope the waiting isnt too painful. :D
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    Car up in flames

    I almost chose a Celica T-Sport as my company car but didnt like how difficult it was to get it to go fast. Cupra R would be my first choice as it is screwed together well, looks excellent and moves faster than a 172.
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    Car up in flames

    Sorry to hear about this Hippy - Keep on Renaults case and you will win. 172s are excellent value for money but seem to have a lot of very dangerous problems so I probably wont go back to Renault it isnt worth the worry, mine almost killed me, and so to did yours, too many close calls for one...