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  1. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    MS Designs spilter kit mate :) It was the most subtle kit i could find back in the day.
  2. Clio R

    V6 Meet Pics

    Some cracking pics :)
  3. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    Well peeps im bk after 2years. Some updateds on the clio coming soon. Its currently my sisters car. For the 2 years she has owned it she has fitted a 172 mk1 interor and done away with the awful 60mm Pi springs and replaced with 40mm KWs. Pics to follow!
  4. Clio R

    Neighbour peed me off...

    its just jealousy probaly. as your cars look best down your street. i get coments all time about cleaning my van and car but just let them fly over my head, or give them dirty look if offensive. my freind had simlar problem down his road. this posh women wud always come out with silly...
  5. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    cheers mate lots of peeps said steelies looked gd on it cheers for coments
  6. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    well the van i bought for work but will have sum minor cosmetic changes. i will be getting a car hopefuly next year aswell. 17s arent realy that expensive and 17inch tyers are cheaper than 16inch tyers try or
  7. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    Pics dont realy do the wheels justic The ride on 17s isnt to harsh u get used to it. i dIdnt notice to much of a diffecence between the 16s i had on and the 17s anyways. my new beast ;)
  8. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    cheers :) well i had the car since 2004 when i was 17, as its only a 1.2 16v. i used it to build my no claims discount up. ill probaly be bk to clios later on, next year i wudnt mind a 172 track toy next. for now im a desiel man in my astra van :)
  9. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    yep mate went to my sister. she has sum plans for it so ill keep the site updated.
  10. Clio R

    :Timeline of my car now sold :(

    Thought i would put a timeline togther of my car from 2004 till now. Frist mod was my 17s 4x4 style Stage 2 40 springs Next up was mk2 ph2 rears lights After looking for ages and saving i found a sublte kit for clio. booked the car into bodyshop and here were the results...
  11. Clio R

    VXR CORSA OR CLIO r27 197

    i like the astra vxr but the corsa vxr to me just looks like a sqaushed astra ugly. the 197 i would rather have but wudnt buy one.
  12. Clio R

    My new turbo (1.2) clio

    looks nice mate just needs lowering :)
  13. Clio R

    List your modifications

    17s foxRS10 falkern tyers all round 60mm springs koni dampers clearside reapters silvervisons uprgraded headlight bulbs/ sidelights k&n panel filter exteror fully colorcoded m.s designs bodykit reflex cat bk exhaust system 5mm spacers all round PIAA wipers 172 rear spoiler mk2...
  14. Clio R


    i had a clio 1.2 sport 16v sport as said above is just a trim level nothing more. There realy is no point in trying to get more power out of a 1.2 16v. If u wana have fun from a 1.216v just get some coilovers and 16s/15s. handeling is only worth while fing to upgrade on.
  15. Clio R

    mixture of yellow and flame-red

    both stunning cars. yellow one looks to be rolling on Dotz alloys i fink there called.
  16. Clio R

    Pics of your Racing Blue!!

    looks gd ^^^
  17. Clio R

    My new Wheels arrive ... help

    save up and buy shocks and springs if ur going 60mm i wud say :). ive lowerd mine 60mm on uprated shocks on 17s and can take two peeps in bk no problems.
  18. Clio R

    Some Changes! What do you think?

    looks gd :). not sure on black renault badges on the alloys hmm
  19. Clio R

    LOL One Summers Day on July 15th (we hope)

    dam dont look gd for us peeps that work outside :(
  20. Clio R

    HillClimb 172

    nice pics mate :)
  21. Clio R

    mk2 ph1 on coilovers

    i like it looks like sleeper u just need biger enige :)
  22. Clio R

    Some updated pics :)

    lol yep she cant. im just dreading her ruining it. least its staying in family i guess :)
  23. Clio R

    Fisher Price - Milltek + New mods + Detail

    spot on mate :)
  24. Clio R

    Some updated pics :)

    alrite peeps havent posted any pictures for a while, so heres a lil update. i gave the car a lil wash today followed by sum auto glym super resin polish :). still few bits todo ,haveing the side strips and handels all repainted in the next few weeks to freshen up the car a lil. Then thats...
  25. Clio R

    my clio 1.4

    tidy :) not feeling the pedals thou any more pics of cage?
  26. Clio R

    new brakes

    intresting get pics up :)
  27. Clio R

    Another Step Forwards to FCS!

    looks spot on mate :) maybe color code front bump strips?
  28. Clio R


    i will be darling get another one oraganised lol ;)
  29. Clio R


    gutted i didnt come to this. shame it clashed with perfomance vauxhal show at santapod or i wuda been there. next time :) nice pics peeps
  30. Clio R

    Blazing Inferno!

    mint :)