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    New build TV aerial help please!

    if you do get a company to do it make sure theyre CAI, RDI LB and Trading standards approved, if they are you wont have any problems and youl pay a fair price.
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    New build TV aerial help please!

    pay someone to do it and stop being a cheapskate, youl only **** it up, and dont listen to the advice DannyR is giving you, he obviousy doesnt have a scooby doo! you need a 4 way f splitter to connect the T.V points, if you fit an amp it will overload your system, and having too much signal is...
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    serv light

    ive had the same thing for ages and cant get rid, i was told i have a cracked abs ring? can some1 let me know when they get to the bottom of this pls? mine comes on every now n then, normally after i brake
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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    it was only slipping now n then in 4th, but now its whenever i change gear. Il keep searching, heard about a company in aylesbury so might ty them, definately not Mr Clutch lol. Cheers fo all the help lads
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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    im cautious because i took my last car for an m.o.t at a local garage, car passed with flying colours, then they wrote it off driving it off the ramp! They gave me the glasses guide price for the car (not that i wanted to sell it) and practically told me to piss off.
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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    miles away mate, i was hoping for a 10 mile radius, but it looks like il have to take it to a local
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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    cheers Fred, that is a bit of a trek especially with a knackered clutch, if you can think of any1 closer, it would be much aprreciated, thanks
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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    hi all, Ive owned my 182 for 4 months now, just yesterday the clutch began to slip pretty bad and its looking like it needs a new one! worst timing just before xmas. I was wondering if you know how much it should cost to get it done, and if any1 knows a good person/company somewhere near high...
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    Nice 182/Trophy reg W27 DAN high wycombe tesco's

    i was down there but ive bt a bg 182, i saw a rb 182 there aswel!
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    Roll call for the SWET clan! (PS3 MW3)

    i prefer hardcore, who doesn't? lol. Kill confirmed and SND are my favourites, will play TDM. When we guna have a game then?
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    Roll call for the SWET clan! (PS3 MW3)

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    Which one would you go for?

    2nd ones been up for sale for ages, pictures dont correspond as its got different wheels in each of the pics, just doesnt sound right to me, 1st one defo.
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    where you from? whats your budget?
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    StanceWh0re's Bit Of Magic

    anynews on my splitter yet? its been over 2 weeks now since i paid?
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    This clio looks suspicious ???

    from experience, most cars sold in rochester are dodgy
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    Apparently " liked it"

    il give her a £1 for it....says it all really
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    Buying 182 ff help please!

    i dooooo!!
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    [PC/PS3/XB360] Battlefield 3 Official Thread

    if any1s on ps3 add me
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    Another BG 182

    lovely car mate, im doing similar with my bg182, definately looked better with the anthracite cup alloys though
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    bg front grill

    looks good mate, just what i want to do to mine? How did you do it, what materials do i need and where do i get them from? cheers for any help Matt
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    BG 172..Manchester City Centre...Good looking lady driver lol

    Lowered balck 172 with cliosport sticker in the rear window and i think it was on 2118s. I pulled up in my BG182 and waved but got no love, must have been that time of the month.
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    Show us your backends Haha

    thanks lads
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    Show us your backends Haha

    where do you get those rs badges and cup badges from? cheers
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    My clio and a MK2 golf

    you have a valid reason for the stickers then m8, fair enough
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    My clio and a MK2 golf

    and the stickers? lol, what would ever make someone do that, stand back and say that looks good?
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    My clio and a MK2 golf

    horrible clio, black tints on blue car is a no no, yelliow diamond and colour sceme on blue? looks awful, wheels look sh*te, apart from that its ok
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    what do people think of my wheels?

    i think they look awful but as long as you like them.
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    Best Clio pic

    love it
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    Best Clio pic

    this cars a dog, what were you thinking with the yellow diamond and alloys lol?