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17 wheels on 172

I have recently lowered my mk II clio sport by 30mm by using PI Springs. Although it has lowered the car, it would be nice to see it a little lower.
I am looking to replace the 16" wheels soon with 17s and was wondering whether the car would look lower due to the new wheels being 17" Any thoughts or opinions?


  Shiny red R32

Scott, I have 17" Super Ts on mine without it being lowered and the slightly bigger diameter wheel does fill the arch better. With yours having been lowered, it would look much better. I might lower mine by about 20 or 30 sometime to improve the appearance slightly.

Cheers Jamie

Thanx for the link.

Did you fit the wheels yourself or did you get the place you bought the wheels from to fit them 4 you?

I fitted myself, since it was mail-order

The rims were fitted with tyres etc, its only 4 bolts per wheel after all, the suspension was done by Nick Hill (hillpower) for £146 all in