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172 0-160km/h (video) (1.8mb)

This is me in my car. Did it today, car is standard exept K-tec exhaust and a BMC panelfilter. I´m happy:D The run was made with snowtires! on a flat piece of road. As you can hear i took it easy. Please compare the mighty standardish Clio to the Hartge tuned Cooper S in the other clip. (1mb)


Nah, you must have been uploading it at the time I was downloading, my cache will need to be cleared I think!

Just timed, RPMs run to 100. I waited till the needle went to about 165KPH, it was 16.1 seconds! If you hit the stopwatch as the needle goes by 160, its in the 15s!

hit the stop watch as soon as the vid starts, then wait for it to go well by the 160 mark, then it will be fairly accurate!

I get it to 16s when i watch it on the tv with the camera connected. First time converting a movie, dont know if i did anything wrong. Used the default settings in pinnacle studio 8.0

Was on the flat. I mean teady has a point because speedos are not 100% accurate. Got a great start with the snowtires. Soft compound and easier to get a good balance between wheelspin and traction, not bogging down.

Maybe i did cut the movie to close to the start of the run. You can hear clutch engaging right at the beginning. Add .5 at the start? I dont know..