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172 cup mod’s

Hi Guy,s first time posting be gentle...modded my cup put 2000miles on her then...H&R coil overs very smooth witout any crashing through the car..310mm WP brakes, scorpion vorst, K&N, F1 Tyres, quick shift...changed seat to Corbeau race but mixed feelings.. probs with seatbelt tensioners etc so will prob wait for R- sports....pads that come with WP kit noisey and lack feel for road use, so standards might go back in..combi of H&R and F1S excellent...quick shift very next I great fun quick enough for the crap traffic clogged roads of today..all in all happy! Any Feedback welcome.

I have had the quickshift fitted, but apparently rather poorly, as the car alternately jumps into reverse, third or first when you try to selct the latter. Pain in the anus. I am still debating which seats to go for, but again come up against the pretensioners and airbag sensor light, so I am still contemplating that one. Breaks were good enough standard on track with green stuff pads, and I dont think Ill bother with discs.

Exhaust and intake-well, maybe later on, but they are not a priority for me, as the car is quick enough.

What are you going to do with the seats?

Well done mate, thats the way to do it! make the car handle and stop better first, then do the power business. if you like point to point racing, you probs wont need more go, you will outrun standard motors purely because your better anchors will haul you down faster and stiffer springs will tighten your handling up.

or if you like traffic light GPs, im sure a few of the nitro kings here will have something to offer you...........

Brake pads, tricky one. Dont know if green stuff pads are available for cup/172, they are sorted best all rounders and lifespan not bad, heard tales of woe about them disintegrating on scoobies though................

Still going to tackle seat prob by remove all elecs and seat belt tensioner( drill out pop rivet) put said parts under seat so if I want to refit orginal seat I can, the fit seat belt fastner to place on new corbeau seat mount...not to worried about tensioners as most of the cars I ve used didnt have them fitted as orginal equip.

My mate who works at TRM (the place were they bash cars into walls all day) tells me that pretensioners are only to ensure that the weblock engages on the seat belt in an accident. If you are sat correctly and your seat is adjusted properly then they do not make any difference to your survival chances in a front ender. Like you say, strap up the unit under your seat and dont disconnect it, it should not cause you any problems.

But you will need to use the original belt fastner, if you dont the air bag system wont arm because the car will think you are not wearing your seatbelt (Do you have a light on the dash?)

Learn to drive the Cup first as stahndard and know its limits then you can start changing things that actually need changing!? All these mods will undoubtadly solve problems if you think they exist but they wont make a better driver ultimately - what will make a better experienced driver is if you learn to tame the beast first. Only mods Im making are R-Sport seats/Cage/Harnesses/Pads and if and only when Im comfrtable driving and handling the car on its limits in all conditions then will I consider choice mods to it - rather than Buying a new car and striping everything of it without experience or knowledge. Suspension will eventually come along with Grp N stuff, more for the track rather than the road though! When I got my last car 1600 Mk2 I coyuldnt wait to strip it out and change everything there was - bad move in some respects - meant I didnt really know how to drive the car to its best - the mods hid alot of stuff that I knew nothing about.......

I am still struggling with the bleedin seats. Thinking of fitting buckets with harnesses, but then that would disable the airbag as well, wouldnt it? Can you fit some kind of relay gadget into the circuit to bypass this problem?

Ive got my eyes( and arse ) on the Sparco Pro2000, which is comfortable( I am 63" ).

Im 7ft 6inches and had to weld a 1.2 16v roof to me cup so I can sit out the

Its a Bas£$%d being tall - striped out the front seats and fitted buckets to the rear bench!

Im 63" and the Konigs in the Cup with all wiring and seat belt pretensioners etc in place are perfect for my size.

Actually, ive never been more comfortable in a seat and the driving position is perfect. Why Renault do not do a lower seat as standard is beyond me.


Interesting. Has the Konig seats got slots for harnesses? I might give your man a ring tomorrow. I really need them before Donington in February though...