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172 dials - price & fit question

  Recaro Black Gold 182

Quick question, how much are a new set of 172 dials worth and are they easy enough to install? Cheers :D

[Edited by Roamer on 9/11/2005 9:01:38 PM]
  Clio 172mk2

just been lookin up this my self

sent them a email askin how they fit as they say u dont need to remove the needles

also tryin to find out what kinda silver it is , but white would be nice since im hopin u get the center secion as well


i ordered them dials in blue for my clio 172 today, will let you no when they arrive
  1.6 focus zetec....

Yeh good idea....if its easy enough then i might consider ordering some cos thats a bargain

  Recaro Black Gold 182

Ive bought the dials and i should get them tommorrow, touch wood!

I will put some step by step pictures uo as soon as i have fitted them.

Got in touch with reno just to see how much they would charge and they wanted £399 plus fitting, cheap :confused:
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

can get 2nd hand dials for around £75, and then have the mileage adjusted for another £100. Thats what I need to do on my import, as I dont have the correct dial set.
  Recaro Black Gold 182

Where can you get the mileage adjusted? As i feel it might create a problem with the MOT but according to reno shud be fine, but better safe than sorry?