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172 Limping

  172 Cup
Have a mk2 172 Cup and it keeps going into limp mode.

Reading the codes it says:

Throttle valve position sensor circuit

Throttle valve position sensor circuit coherence between track 1 and track 2

I replaced the throttle pedal, tried two different throttle bodies and inspected and cleaned the white plug under the fuses and nothing gets rid of the issue for any length of time.

I might get 50 miles or 2 miles before limp mode happens again.

Sometimes the engine also hunts between 2-3k.

Thinking only option will be to take it to main dealer now as just running out of ideas.

Can anyone shed any light on it?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
On a 172 Cup this is 100% a wiring fault and 100% NOT a pedal or TB fault so if you have cash to throw away i'll send you my paypal details and you can load it up as much as you feel like.

It's normally due to a connection fault either at the TB itself or somewhere between the pedal and the ECU. We do loads of them and its always the Cup that seems to be effected. Enjoy searching it out but I promise you it's a simple enough fix once you find it.


Time to break out the multimeter.