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182 roll cage

  clio 200 F4Rt

would an OMP cage listed for a 172 cup fit the 182, i am 99% sure it would, but an not totally sure if there where any chassis changes between the models.

if any one knows, then many thanks

just read they dont seem to be they have just re named safety devices international and relocated manufacturing to poland
  clio 200 F4Rt

i wanted a sparco one, not sure if they do them, as impressed with the one in my saxo.

getting pics and details of the OMP one sent through, so will post them up then.

as for safety devices, they did go bust, but as said re-opened etc.
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

good work fella...looking forward to the details as i have been pondering getting one
  Lionel Richie

OMP and sparco "i think" you have to cut the dash

safety devices you dont, but it was £1200 last time i checked
  clio 200 F4Rt

demon tweeks say you dont need to cut dash for OMP one, but it does go throught to suspension turrets.

if all goes to plan, cutting the dash will be last of my worries!