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Advice on garden/Prison exercise yard - Landscaping/new grass etc


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Right, I need to crack on with the back garden now summer is on it's way. Previous owners didn't give a s**t and left it to rack n ruin. We've cut out some old tree stumps and kept it mowed etc last year, but I really want to make it nice to sit in now. It's not level with lumps and bumps all over.


My idea is to dig up the path and the flags/stones section at the bottom and replace with grass, and have just a full lawn (albeit with some sleeper planters along the garage wall). The missus wants decking at the bottom. Personally, as a south facing garden, I think the decking would be wasted there as it will get covered from the sun by the prison wall. Plus, why look back at your house when you can sit on the patio and look at a nice garden :unsure: Anyways, I digress.

The actual garden itself seems to slope down everso slightly towards the bottom. There is an invasive weed growing called ground elder, which I am told kills grass. So, my idea is to literally turn the whole lot over, spray hella weed killer down, flat it all down and lay some of that black weed killer membrane down, then lay another layer of soil over that, and then a fresh layer of some nice turf, effectively raising the garden by a few inches and levelling it out. Will this work or is the ground elder going to come back through that membrane? Will the new stuff on top be able to drain through the membrane?

Any advice from anyone who knows anything about gardens would be appreciated, because I know f**k all apart from how to mow it.


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Which way does it face? Which part gets the sun?
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If the sun is on the back of the house, then put the patio/decking against the house. Turf the lot and put some simple boarders in place along the garage and back wall with some climbing plants to break up the expanse of wall.
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Also, would you consider some fake grass? My old place had a similar size lawn - if it hadn't been laid by the developers I would have gone for fake as it takes a lot of care for a small space.
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I'm no gardening expert but membrane under soil & turf doesn't seem like the done thing to me but i may be wrong as that weed control stuff is permeable now a days isn't it, but the roots of whatever you're putting down won't have much room to grow will they?
I'd probably stick a load of strong weed killer down to try & kill it off the weeds you have & then bring in some topsoil to level it & seed/turf it afterwards.
But it will take time as I expect you'll need to leave the seeding/turfing for a good while after the weed killer has done it's stuff.

But while you wait for that, maybe vertical feather edge over all the existing concrete/fencing/garage walls? or use batten to create that modern horizontal look to the boundaries? and maybe paint the garage wall? pretty quick & easy way to neaten the place up. then go simple like that garden above, looks lovely.
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