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Im thinking to myself I need some new alloys for my 1.2 16v... It aint got no power so might as well make it look good eh... I really like the OZ wheels on the CUP but what you lot think? I found a place that will do them new with tyres for £700........

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The highest technology directly from F1 to the street, Extremely light; weight 7j x 15" - 4.9Kg. Race Silver finish, Multispoke.

How much do the 16" weigh?

the five spokes they do are better, those look nice but when actually on a car theyre not so good

Well done steve, great prices on that site. The forged versions are £1800! jesus!

Got the toora 8 spokes on mine 16"theyre sweet had the ozs too but they where 15" looked good but the design of the wheel makes them look small IMOA JillyB have you got them on yours?


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What colour is your car Steve?

Personally I love the Super Tourismos, but if you think they are too popular or dont want multi-spokes, how about these Boss wheels?

I really think that small hatchbacks suit five spokes better than most other wheels and these are lovely. A bit like the Khan RSS which has six spokes.


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Halfords wheels are often much more expensive to begin with than specialised wheel places, which you can often bargain with, unlike Halfords!!