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Audi S4 Avant Family Wagon


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
Service time, and its due an inspection service this year. Car has full Audi service history, which id like to keep and pay the hit to have the big one done with them. Whats peoples thoughts though? Nice to keep main dealer history for routine servicing?

My specialist ended up more expensive than Audi when I got quotes for the cambelt on my A6.

Depends how long you’re keeping it I suppose. If it’s gonna be gone in 6 months I suppose it’s worth paying to keep it FASH. If you’re gonna have it for years and years id just get an independent place to do it or do it yourself.


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  S4 Avant
Car will be getting kept for a couple years I'd think. Going to stick with the main dealer history as they're close by anyway. £370 for Inspection service, and just seen they now price match specialists too as well as price matching tyres which it will need soon.

Then an x-pipe for more V6 sound.

Rob G

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  172 Cup
Mine came with full performance specialist history, which was fine by me as meant I could ring them up and check what had been done (GDPR meant no invoices kept by the garage I bought it from)
I’m also tempted by an x-pipe for that extra noise!
I haven't seen anything that sounds particularly great to be honest? All the options sound overly raspy to me.

Keep getting vaguely tempted by a backbox delete as it's much easier to try than an x-pipe and sounds the same to me. Could just chop it off one evening, then either buy the delete or sleeve/clamp the OEM box back on depending on whether you like it.

For a standard car I came to the conclusion of getting basically everything from Audi.

"Normal" VAG specialists presumably don't see these very often so offer no added value above an ordinary garage.

"Performance" VAG specialists seemed surprisingly expensive and few & far between, not worth the journey for regular servicing.

Whereas once you get past the person on the door who looses interest the nanosecond they realise you're not interested in leasing a 13-second-to-60 diesel A/Q/1/2/3 S-Line Black Edition Vorsprung Sport Plus with cloth seats and no reversing camera as standard... I've found the part prices at main dealers to be not terrible.


ClioSport Club Member
  S4 Avant
Cars been into Audi for an MOT and Inspection service. Both together came to less than I was quoted by a local specialist so pretty happy tbh, and I like the fact its still full Audi service history. £444, which I didnt think was to bad for the more expensive service and an MOT.

First MOT in my ownership and other than advisory's for new tyres soon ( I knew they were needed soon), car has a clean bill of health. Still love it, but craving more noise and power in the next year.

Maintenance in the sixth months ive had it is now £1200, but everything should be sorted for a good while now, fingers crossed. Next up is probably new wheels and tyres to replace the rotors. Debating either Gun metal R8 style as below, or fresh silver peelers...