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Back in an Evo...

Lovely car! I just can't ever imagine owning such a clean car and actually driving it. I'd worry about the smallest spec of dirt ruining the underside lol.


ClioSport Club Member
That’s what I have been saying, it’s hard enough trying to find a good Evo now let alone a 5RS.
Been trying to tell my mate for last couple years! He keeps on about a toy that won’t lose him money and it’s nailed on to be a good buy. 25 year rule for the (Evo loving) yanks rapidly approaching!

For some reason people can’t see past the past though when it comes to cars increasing in value. It’ll just be “oh I wish I’d bought that Evo”.

I did consider selling my sti V6 and downgrading again but I love it too much to go that way😂


ClioSport Club Member
Down grading 😂😂😂😂

I got another whilst I can for nostalgia has I have been driving them since I was 19.

Another 5 years and there won’t be many left, most coming from Japan are scrapping the bottom of the barrel with the odd gem popping up once in a while.
  2x S1000RR
Regarding the underside I know people use ACF 50 for anti corrosion on motorbikes, it's really good stuff and clear. Never heard of it being used before under a car.
Maybe worth looking into.