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Boiler taking ages to kick in


ClioSport Club Member
Having a bit of an issue with a combi boiler at the moment.

It takes absolutely ages for the boiler to kick in when the water is running.

I have to run the water really fast and even then it takes about a minute for the boiler to go hey I need to switch on. Once it's on the water is nice and hot, just takes an age to actually kick in.

What are the usual potential causes of this please?

Is there some sort of pressure drop switch that might need replacing etc?

Pressure itself seems fine on the boiler dial.


Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
  Clio 220 Trophy
Water flow switch I'm guessing. Does the boiler do anything at all? Does the fan kick in straight away? Or is it literally nothing for about a minute?

Flat Eric

ClioSport Club Member
  182, Ecoboost Fez
As James has said there's a flow switch in them which tells the boiler to switch on.

That's first port of call, if that's fine then it could be PCB board..

Could be all sorts though. Problem solving boilers are OK but it's replacing the parts to find if they are at fault or not which can become costly.

Have a nose about yourself but I am sure British gas do a boiler cover for an annual fee which covers parts and repairs which often outweighs the price of repairing it yourself.
They do this at a good price on the hope they then get future trade with services and new heating systems etc.