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Broken iPhone back


ClioSport Club Member
The other half has managed to break the back of her iPhone whilst it had a protective case on.

What's the easiest way forward?

Apple store
Claim off the protective cover company

Obviously we want it to be cheapest with it still being in warranty will apple sort it out for free?
iPhone 3GS are easy to replace yourself, you just put the gubbins from old to new. Done numerous amounts of them.

To do it properly I'd go through your insurance if it's covered.

Apple store won't cover it.

Unless the protective cover company state this will keep your phone damage free from being dropped from x height, then that's a lost cause.


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers, next question (were on holiday so can't check) does anyone know the standard xs for the insurance you get at phones for you?
  Fiesta ST
Book an appointment at closest apple store when you get home. Take it and ask if the warranty covers it or not

If it does, happy days, they will replace it free of charge there and then

If it doesnt, They charge £25 to replace it, Pay it, happy days you have a fixed phone