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Bruce’s ICE is nice

hey guys

well, ive done some saving, and am finally going to put some better stuff in my car. currently im running on a JVC KD-LHX501 headunit and two original renault speakers (one in front and one in back :oops:)!

what i was looking for was advice on what speakers and set up to go for, as i dont care about what can be heard outside the car, what i care about is me and my passengers on the inside!

i also want to hide the speakers from would-be-theives, so what im really looking for is speakers which fit nicely behind the renault speaker grilles in my 1993 mk1 ph1 clio.

now, i know absolutely zip all about ice etc.. so please bear with me :) im not after a mad install or anything that will take up too much boot space (i have to carry things a lot (like bowling balls and dead bodies ;)) so if we can keep atleast half the boot space that would be sweet! i do like my bass, but i dont need anything silly! i was thinking maybe front components and a sub, and whatever amps etc.. ill need. would be nice if the sub could go in the boot in a stealth box but not too fussed as i have a nice parcel shelf for that job!

so what im looking for is your opinions on what stuff you find good, what sizes etc.. things need to be, and blah blah whatever i said above :D

thanks for all your help, as ive said, i know nadda!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

for £500 mate you can get a nice setup.....

Amp £230 -

Sub £119 -

Front Comps £190 -

ok so ive gone over budget a little, and you would need a sub box and wiring aswell, so maybe spend less on the front comps and get these instead

that would leave you with about enough for the rest......

as you can tell, after taking Bryans advice and getting some Phase gear, im a big fan of it !

if you can stretch to it, get the Phase RS4 amp, its amazin !.....its £299 on CAD but you can order it from your local Motor World for £279.99 and no delivery, gets delivered to the shop at no cost to fact on most of the Phase stuff we are cheaper than the internet by a little bit (I work @ Motor World)

wow that looks to be some meaty stuff there

i do have a little extra, what difference am i really looking at between both those amps? i get the idea of what the amp does, but i dont know much about specifics :oops:

i think this looks to be very much a brilliant sound system, but as an unlearned user to music and in-car entertainment, could i experience the same kind of awe with perhaps a cheaper alternative to this system? ;) a few more examples from people would be nice! (oh and if its not too gay of me, the colour scheme inside the car is black and blue if theres anything to match it!)

also, i was wondering about sound deadening in the clio, is this a viable option or can it be expensive? renault have kindof made the thing a bit rattley as is, and theres nothing more embarassing than perhaps going down the road with my car rattling at pedestrians everytime my bass thumps!

but thankyou brun for your insight, and it might be a possibility that i explore this equipment further
  Skoda Fabia vRS

invest in some Dynamate Xtreme, and although it might look expensive look at some of the bigger packs as the normal rolls dont go very far really at all, ive needed 3 just to do the bottom of the boot and a tiny bit around the sides

if you have the cash mate, spend it, generally you get what you pay for with ICE, though obviously there will be exceptions

i cant recommend the RS4 amp enough, its got a good amount of power for the money and lots of control over the crossovers*

*jus in case you dont know what one is, basically a crossover will block out frequencies above or below the limits you set, its what you need when running a sub as you dont want the sub trying to play high frequencies

cheers, nope i didnt know what a crossover was, i think i should do a little homework before i go buying stuff, hence the topic :) especially with the collective ice knowledge on this forum, i dont think i can get it wrong!

ive heard of dynamat from other topics and rsc, do you just buy it and then wham it everywhere you can imagine?!

i will have a look around now for those stealth boxes built to my cars boot shape that ive read about and also this dynamat extreme, and then get my sums going on costs etc.. cos id like the cost to be with everything inc about £600. I think on my insurance it covers £1000 of audio equipment so want to keep it under this as you can never be too sure these days!
also i had better get me a good alarm system before i even buy any of it too, any recomendations here too?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

stealth boxes are pretty pricey mate to be honest

where abouts do you live ?......if your ever in the St Helens area call into where i work (Motor World) and ill bore you to death with what i know....

dont know everythin but i know a bit more than the basics....

im down in west london otherwise i would do!

i have just found out that they are indeed, maybe just a regular one, im a bit anal when it comes to putting stuff in my car, id like it to fit perfectly etc.. but i understand sub boxes have to have a specific volume within to get the perfect sound?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

generally yes they do

you cant really go wrong though with a 0.75cuft box for a 10" and a 1cuft box for a 12"..........