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Build Progress Thread - Rear Extension

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So, after getting some advice on here a few months back, we've taken the plunge and we begin the project to take down the existing conservatory and replace it with what will hopefully be a lot nicer/usable space!

Current Situation.

20 Year old conservatory, south facing, therefore roasting in summer and freezing in winter. Also, the angled design gives very little actual usable space.



This is the view from the conservatory, which we want to be able to enjoy!


Plan is to replace with something slightly wider (3.9m) and slightly longer (4m) with glass gable end and bifold doors across the back, akin to this photo. (Of course, on trend in anthracite grey aluminium)

Front Profile.JPG

Also plan is to replace the whole of the paved area with Indian Sandstone as the current one has seen better days and create a lot better seating area between the house and the man cave. (Bar)

Idea is to have paving marked out by the lines, so whole area in front of summer house will be paved.

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A bit of prep work today.

Removed sky dish and 8 x feed cables as we don't have sky, the previous owner was obsessed! (Will struggle to get ladder in once wider footprint extension is in)


Chase out cabling and relocate socket to better height, plus replace single socket with double. (Plenty of mess made with the angle grinder into brick)

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Concrete base now out. Radiator removed and piping capped off. (Didn’t realise it hadn’t been capped so gave them a shower when I tried repressurizing the system)

Digger coming next week to dig new foundations.

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Following this with great interest! Nice work so far mate. Are you doing it all yourself?

Thanks mate. Much to the disgust of many in here I’m sure, I’m paying a company to do it all/manage the whole process.

I realise I potentially could have done it cheaper if I tried to project manage it all myself and order materials/organise trades myself but myself and my wife both work long hours in stressful jobs so we just didn’t want more stress trying to manage something at home which we don’t know much at all about.

Right now it does seem more risky too if you’re trying to get it done in a short times as there are a lot of factors affecting building work. E.g I’ve seen stories of tradesmen being on site and being told at 8am that they can’t deliver the materials. If I was managing it myself, that cost falls to me.
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Surprised me and turned up on a Sunday to clear the site. Definitely ready to dig footings now.

Shows the difference an excavator makes. Eugegall can take down a whole house in the same time as they took done my conservatory 🤣

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We now have a big hole! They didn’t believe how much concrete the previous owner had put in for the old conservatory. Building control are coming tomorrow to hopefully approve the approach to the footings, then get dug and concrete poured.