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Cabasse auditorium 6 cd charger Help - No CD / CD ERR

  CLIO 197 2007
Can anyone help me please? Was plodding along listening to a CD on the above head unit and the CD seemed to skip (Hasnt done that once before). CD moved onto the next song and came up with 'ERR CD'. It then ejected the CD and moved on to the next CD and ejected that also. It ejected all 6 CD's.

The disks are not damaged and the Head Unit displays no Cd when i put them back in.

Have tried a CD cleaner but the Head Unit isnt giving the disk a chance to spin.

Any ideas?


Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Probably not going to do anything - but have you tried cutting power to it? Obviously, only do this if you have the radio code to hand, or else you will be stuck.

Rather than mess about pulling the head unit out and stuff, just disconnect the car battery for a few minutes - then reconnect.

Worth a try if you've got the code?