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Carbon Bonnet insured with CIS

  Chocolate Bar™

has anyone had a carbon fibre bonnet fitted to their car whilst insured with CIS. im interested in buying gsmgreggs, but obviously cant get through to CIS until tomorrow to find out whether they are allowed.

main reason is that i heard they effect the crumple zone?


Not sure if this helps you mate but I am with CIS insurance, and they did not add a single penny for Induction kit, lowering, wheels, skirts, front spoiler, exhaust and interior mods... they dont care about cosmetic mods.
  Chocolate Bar™

put my premium up 2 insurance groups when i added my sideskirts as it classed as a bodykit. they also told me that was the only thing they charge for (with the exception of excessive engine work.)

mainly worried about them refusing to insure it with one fitted, as opposed to the cost of premium.