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Carlton Auto Body Kit 4 Clio

Has any body seen this kit. I noticed in the back of fast car Mag some months ago. but i cant find it now. I seem to think they specailised on Ford Though.


carlton tend to lean very much towards ford but if you look at their delta kit it dosent matter what car its on they all look the*t. I apologise Paul if your planning to get this kit but i think your best to go elsewhere.....


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that is my car

im not sure i like it either even though i bought it.

looks better in real life but i think it needs to be changed.

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Sorry to say it mate but I would take that off straight away, get a 16v or something. Prima do some nice ones as well.

I dont know now seeing that.

Ive had been looking at a particular kit for a while now (looks great with the bonnet mods Im having done).. but now Ive seen this one, I aint sure.

Its not as bad as people make out, is it?


Sorry for indirectly slating you car!

It looks a lot better when you can see the interior and wheels. Id get some wheel spacers to fill out those front arches - theyll wreck the suspension bits in no time, but it will look sooooo good.


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its ok

i dont like the fit

if u see under the headlights there is a gap where the bonnet isnt shaped propperly and u have to take out centre grill as it wont fit with the bumper on and u cant open the bonnet fully to make it look better the bits under the headlights need to be built up to close the gap then the centre bit needs to be cut down so bonnet can be opened propper.

in real lif e it dont look to bad as its quite extreme cos tbh most clio kits are pretty standard and dont look that much different to the normall bumper.

i have found a new company that have designed a new kit i will speak to them tomorrow to get some pictures of there front and rear as i have sideskirts on order and just really need back bumper but not sure weather to fork out for a new front bumper or to keep this 1.



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lol that pic of the front arches is strange cos when u look at em now it looks nuffin like that as they are standard 16v plastic arches with the liners removed.


MaLicE, could ya send the pics on to me of this kit too when ya get em?">

Thanks mate,


u need som big skirts, front bumper hangs too low compared to the rest of the car.. thats why it looks odd at the mo. otherwise it could look nice!


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ive got some skirts coming that will fill it out will be here for friday at latest so i bin told, they will be painted and fitted on the weekend if i can rent a compressor and spray gun.


were in the process of designing a custom jap style clio kit for the 16v and rt. anyone interested in keeping updated with this drop me a PM
looking to have it finished and on my car within a month.


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im thinking that if this new bumper looks good and fits well and is under 200 quid i will buy that, if its more and i can get the bumper i have atm altered so it fits under the lights and i can open bonnet propper and providing it costs less to do than a new bumper would cost i might go down that route.

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Malice i think if you got some mad skirts, bigger wheels, and something between bonnet and bumper (where the grill used to be) then it would look mental

I wasnt going to get one. I was just asking if people had seen it. I think its too rounf for the 16v and its shape doesnt seem to be in keeping with the later models.


As long as you like the kit mate thats all that matters, its your own achievement and you only have to justify it to yourself!!

theres alot of those sorts of front bumper about, i think i like the basic shape, but they always seem to be slightly too big for the car they are on, they look wider than the rest of the car, giving the impression that its a bumper nicked off a different car imho

Is that the dawsons bumper? It doesnt look too bad, on most cars its sh*t, but id say youve improved the looks. Thing is have you got wheelarches and skirts to match or is it front heavy? The only jap one i like is the kingdom developments ones for novas/saxos as theyre all in proportion.

The main problem with tuners over here is theyre after the profits of the jap craze, they dont bother spending enough time designing the actual kit. Still, i guess they wont learn if people keep buying the stuff.

I think the 16v is okay as it is. Although I do wish there were more kits available. I like that rear bumper, the fronts a bit too much.

thats the dawsons copy of the type k kingdom front bumper isnt it?

u say u had to modify it, is it the one for a nova? nova and 16v/rt shells are very similar in shape, seen a few clios with nova bits on em

It is the Dawsons Exterminator front bumper for the golf, and I think the rear is available from K-Tec now this on was of the project car!!

The pictures do not do the colour justice you should see the metal flake in the light it looks awesome

The boot opens of a button inside.


Im in the process of sorting out the bodywork on mine.

I have been pretty set with the mix and match bumpers Im using, but after seeing some of these, Im wondering where to go, a bit, um, mental?

I dunno.. Any one any more pics of the Delta Kit? 16v Clio, got any other pics of yer car in daylight?