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Clio 16v

Hey, im looking for a clio 16v.Just wondering what sort of price i shoud be looking at paying, im looking for one of two, either a mint low miles, something like under 70k or one with really high miles but still mint body work and putting the williams lump in? Also any ideas what i should be paying for a williams lump? Eh and also another question (sorry) ive never heard much about the standard 16v (just the williams) and never driven one i just love the look of them. How does straight line performance compare with say a vts (friend has one) and whats the handling like, is it worth putting the williams suspension on and finally (for now lol) how does a lowered and stiffened 16v compare to the williams handling wise. Ok if ne 1 can answer ne of those questions ill be chuffed and hopefully when i get my clio i can answer others questions. nice essay eh!

hehe so many questions!!!

firstly, welcome!

willy lumps will cost a fortune!!!! beleive me on this!

handling between 16v and willy should be identical (which is a super high standard anyway)

prices for a 16v vary as to its condition 1500-3500

double the fiqures at least for a willy

A Standard 16v will be a close match with a vts, but i never have any trouble with them.

The Williams does handle a bit better than a 16v due to the wider track but again it is a close run thing when you uprate the suspension on a 16v.

I can solve all your problems in one easy go, buy my mint 16v with all the work already done!!!


I payed £3000 for mine at the beginning of this year. Its a K plate, but its mint and had only done 59,000 and had FRSH, its probably worth a bit less now but you get the picture.

Go to and do a national search for them, it will give you an idea of the going rate.


cheers for your replies. Ive been hunting through autotrader for months now since me friend wrote off my R19 16V in the summer! Was thinking about a 1.9 205 or a clio and i think its the clio im after. Im up in edinburgh thats the hassle of getting one, also a student so im living off beans and pasta to save money for my clio!! not that you all really needed to know that but nevermind! Mat how much are you selling your 16v for? colour, mileage ect?


specification as follows:

1992 J clio 16V

Engine: 1,998cc F16i.e. twin-cam 16v running on mobil 1 motorsport 15w-50 fully synthetic oil. Converted by Hillpower in winter 2001/02 using a 19,000 mile block from a 1998 megane 2.0 16v. Complete with Gas flowed head with matching intake and exhaust manifolds, Piper fast road camshafts with vernier pulleys and Hillpower re-programmed ECU, Fitted at the same time was a new timing belt, williams clutch, uprated dog bone engine mount, starter motor, alternator and water pump. Colour coded rocker cover and silicon water hoses. Also with Hillpower induction kit and full Magnex stainless steel exhaust system including de-cat. Gearbox has silkolene pro srg75 fully synthetic oil. Immaculate engine bay!

Wheels and suspension: Refurbed standard phase 2 speedline five spokes with 195/50/15 Yokahama A539 tyres, Paddy Hopkirk locking wheels nuts. Suspension lowered professionally by Hillpower with Avo adjustable coil-overs, -50mm at front; and Avo adjustable shocks, torsion bar adjusted -60mm at rear. New strut top mount kits at front.

Interior: Factory phase 2 interior, with height and lumbar adjustment. Electric windows and mirrors. Factory sunroof and Pas.

Brakes: EBC turbo groove discs with EBC greenstuff pads all round and factory ABS. New rear wheel bearings. Serviced and cleaned calipers front and rear.

Exterior: Finished in Stunning Renault carmen red 719. Never damaged or crashed - and no rust. Phase 2 rubbing strips, colour coded spoiler and phase 2 grille. Clear side repeaters. Cliosport sticker on rear screen No other body modifications.

ICE: Factory headunit with fingertip remote control. Alpine sxs 5" speakers in front doors and Alpine sxs tweeters in dash. Factory speakers in rear.

Security: Toad AI606 Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser, with remote central locking.

Performance: Rolling roaded at 131bhp @ the wheels, 170bhp @ the flywheel at Power Engineering with printout to prove. Runs the 1/4 mile in 14.738s again with timing slip to prove! 0-60 in 6.69s, 0-100 in 17.16s as featured in next issue of Performance GTI.

Mileage is currently 30,300 on the 2L engine and comes with full service history. Brought from my cousin 2 years ago who had owned the vehicle for 3 years.

Will take £4,500!


Mat Browns car is quite exceptional. I really havent seen another car like it - apart from mine!

This should help you in your quest for a 91-96 Clio 16-Valve:

The cars are fairly maintenace-intensive, but, as ever, the care it has received thus far will usually dictate condition. Look for a big folder of bills.

What you should then be looking for then can be split into categories:

Exterior: Rear arch lips are susceptible to rusting, front ones are plastic so arent a problem; rust also possible on door bottoms, around window rear quarters and boot bottom; front fogs (expensive) are prone to splitting due to stone chips; bonnet and front bumper also prone to stone chips.

Mechanical: N.B. due to engine size, many otherwise simple jobs on 16v/Willy are engine-out jobs. Cambelts must have been done before 72k; diffs, gbox and clutch are all expensive jobs so check carefully; rear brake callipers can seize; check aftermarket exhaust mountings - often a poor fit; rumbling can be caused by poor exhaust manifold to downpipe gasket (cheap job, disturbing noise); erratic idle commonly due to faulty throttle potentionometer; 16v/Willy run hot, so check coolant system - hoses, rad, expansion tank, water pump, anti-percolation (if you can); engine mounts often go - embarassing and expensive to have your engine fall out, so see if engine rocks back and forth by opening bonnet and pulling accelerator cable; if car has induction kit check security of air hoses; check for snapped front springs; CV gaiters should be checked; handbrake is normally not good; if lowered, will need new front strut top mounts sooner or later.

Interior: Sunroofs leak; electic window switches are £20 - so check them too.