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CLIO CUP at Toomey basildon

Just thought Id let people know that I have it on good authority that Toomey Renault in Basildon Essex will be getting a Clio Cup in this week or next, so if you fancy checking it out, you know where to go

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Renault Manchester told me they were making them to order and as such none were heading to UK for "Ages". Losers.


Ive been told that there are 250 of them in the import center at the moment so thats rubbish, theyre lying or havent got a clue.

Toomeys one should be in soon, ones on order and may be here in next few weeks or around 1st of August


ClioSport Admin
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Saw one at Goodwood, nice colour, but sad to hear that every other Renault is also being made in the same colour.
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LMK once its in at Toomey and Ill have a look. Anyone know if Lookers in Southend are getting one in? Dash?