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Clio cup tyre inflator’s

Clio cup tyre inflators , do they work ok
got my clio cup alloy now on my mk1 172 and i have not got a spare
thinking of keeping the weight down and getting the tyre inflators

let us know


I would not bother with them as once you have used them the tyre cannot be repaired.

I leave mine at home with the tool kit and rear seat for weight saving.

good point
the other thing is what does the clio cup have over the tyre well area to stop
the boot carpet falling down

i carry a footpump in the car, may sound silly but if its a slowish puncture it can often give enough air to get to a petrol station or tyre place.


but does anyone with a clio cup now whats under there boot floor carpet to stop i falling into the tyre well


Foam does work and tyre can be repaired, i have had it done. It showered the tyre fitter guy with foam when he took it off the rim but i warned him in advance. it can be repaired as long as the foam is properly rinsed out of the tyre.

And, the foam is only about five or six quid for two cans from reno - bargain.