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crankshaft pulley help

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

What will happen if a crankshaft pulley breaks? As in, what else will it cause to break?

deppends on the car ? some bend valves some dont , ive seen some where the camshaft has broke , how did the pulley break anyways ???? :eek:
  Caddy Maxi

change it mate. not something to f**k about with tbh, can cause a lot of damage and the crank wont turn making the car undriveable
  Williams 2, STi N12
It depends on which pulley has broken, there is two attached to the crankshaft. One is the main toothed pulley that is part of the engine timing. The other is just a normal flat pulley that spins your auxillary belt.

Depends on which one has broken to the importance of it needing changing. If it the timing pulley, then do it now. If it is the aux pulley, then do it as soon as you can.
Yup, and its a pain in teh ass tryign to hold the fly wheel to stop it turning, when i removed the last one, i just used an impact gun on it, prolly not the best choice of tools, but the bottem end had a nasty oil leak, and i didn't car about it anyways