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Danith's 2019 MX5 ND2 184 Sport Nav +


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Front bumper does look so much better and cleaner without those massive DRL covers. OEM badge bit less in your face too.

Having to cancel my slot at Blink motorsport and postpone. ARB's apparently not arriving 'til end of August, wheels now end of July (keeps moving though) and not had my calipers back yet (think might need new braided lines too - waiting for the refurbisher to let me know).

CBA doing multiple trips, to-ing and fro-ing, so will reschedule it all for end of Aug/early Sept. There's just nothing left in stock! Ah well, still get to take it out while it's summer.



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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
That little front lip transforms the front end, much more aggressive with it

Yeah it's much better with it on. That's part of the £1,200 (!!!!) Mazda aero package (splitter, skirts, rear spoiler and rear splitter - but rear splitter has been replaced by the aftermarket one now due to the Ulter exhaust/diffuser).
I don't think I'll be going the coilover route with this after all, it's low enough as it is. Getting in and out isn't as easy as in my Skoda :LOL:


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
210 mile drive out yesterday. Was going to go see @JB21 at Anglesey bit apparently Covid is still only active over the border, ha. So no spectators allowed.

Drove over to Betws-y-coed and back past Bala and over the horseshoe pass, passing by a very busy Ponderosa cafe. First car I've caught sun burn in! The mx5 lot are a funny bunch. Saw absolutely loads of Mk3's on my travels, most of which were mid life crises folk like me, all waving at each other.

Top car, the weather and roads were made for cars like this. Grabbed loads of shots on the DSLR to spam you all.

Wheels, ARB's, brakes all delayed. Probably going to be end of August now before it's all here and fitted. Never mind.



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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Parts are slowly trickling in. Wheels apparently going to be another 7 to 10 days - not holding my breath at all. Blink motorsport has given me 2 appointments and since shut down in the time I've been waiting for all my bits! Need to find another garage that's familiar with these ND2 as the front ARB looks like there's a bit of a knack to it, to do it in decent time.

Few small engine dress up parts ordered, some still in the post. Also ordered a Raceseng shift knob to add a bit of weight to the throws and because they look so bloody good. Fingers crossed I don't get stung on import duties, but shouldn't really as they're under the VAT threshold.

Attempted to paint the engine cover blue, then white, then wrinkle red. Came out OK but I want a proper job doing so will drop it off at Travis Autos when I've decided what colour to do the plastic engine cover - thinking dark blue to match the silicone hose/brake calipers? What would work do you reckon?
You might also notice I've removed (not 'deleted' - can't stand that phrase!) the sound tube that pumped induction noise from the inlet, to the cabin. More cos it just looked naff under the bonnet. I'm yet to see what difference it makes to the sounds in the car.


Anyway, check out these beauties from Brake Caliper Refurbishments, up in Rochdale. Loads of folk recommended them to me, so hoping it's going to be a factory like finish (and be safe, more importantly!). After a misunderstanding, he originally painted them a Renault racing blue type colour, but I wanted a darker blue, so he redid them and pulled this amazing 'Lamborghini candy apple blue' out of the bag. Absolutely love it!

refurbed Wilwoods.jpg


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Few small bits. Engine dress up parts and replaced the dark smoked side repeaters for oem clear ones. Mazda in their wisdom decided to make them a sealed unit so if a bulb goes then you have to replace the whole unit or get aftermarket! Were an ebay used sub 20 quid buy so thought might as well. Look loads better. Kinda like the fried egg look on the front lights and these side repeaters. Should match the bronze wheels, which I've been told will be ready on Wednesday.



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Still no wheels or arbs. Mint.

Anyway, I noticed on ebay that someone locally (and not a rip off breaker) was stripping a fiat 124 Abarth (aka Fiata). So tried my luck and got a pretty hefty parts haul.
Leather Steering wheel - much chunkier, with better design and perforated leather.
Alcantara trim set (ridiculously expensive from mazda) including lower passenger dash and dash trim, gearstick/handbrake gaiters and top dash binnacle.
Also bagged a set of aluminium pedals (oem mazda ones) off this bloke and someone on ebay with the clutch and brake pedals. Again, expensive as hell from mazda.
I was after one of the aftermarket rev tachos too (cravenspeed 220 quid, il motorsport 175 quid or ones for about the same from USA). But I always preferred the abarth one but they never ever come up, just as a set of clocks at 350+. But got the clocks for a good price too and taken the insert out to put into mine.
I've got the oem brembos off him too, just waiting to get them off after the Bank hol. Will decide which to keep between the wilwoods and brembos. Wilwoods look better but brembo are oem quality so maybe a better, less daffy setup? Either way I can sell one set on way enough.
Gearknobs have come to the UK but I got stung for customs so they're getting delivered tomorrow now.
Also got a gearbox cooling scoop off a bloke on the forums who makes them. Very useful for long B road blasts and track days as the box gets super hot. I need to put some better oil in there too, after warranty maybe.

Should be a fun weekend putting it all together. I'd just ordered a wheel From Royal too, on Tuesday. So no need to wait for that now and I can flog my oem steering wheel now to recoup some funds.

Only bummer was the steering wheel had an obvious bit of wear on the 12 o clock banding. Thankfully there's a place around the corner who restores interiors and specialists in leather. He's sorted it out for me for 20 quid, and it's as good as new.



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Didn't do the gearbox scoop as I want to paint it stonechip first, so maybe a job for Sunday if I can be arsed. Or just get it on when it's on the ramps for ARB's and geo.

Alcantara top dash binnacle is a different shape, so no go on that. But the rest was fairly straight forward. Tacho needed a couple of holes making to get it to sit on the Mazda mounting points but all done. Raceseng knob finally turned up at 1pm too. Just waiting on the other pedals to finish the inside now.



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Couldn't resist. I got them knowing I could sell either the wilwood or these on. Straight away I've decided to keep the brembo. Mainly as they're oem - even mazda stamped despite coming off a fiat.
Better quality, fewer pistons (they're only a small disc), easier to change pads, oem fitment so no need for adaptors etc. They will be heavier than the wilwoods though but never mind. Oem reliability is the key.

So putting the wilwood up for sale and BCR will refurb these for me, In the same candy blue I had the wilwood done in. Wasn't going to bother as they're only 5k miles he says, but one is quite badly chipped and they're second hand, so best to be safe.

  370Z, Fiesta ST2
I was going to say the Wilwoods are the easiest calipers in the world to change pads on - but they are a different design to the ones I had. Not sure if you have had that style Brembo before, but take the pad retaining pins out regularly, clean them up and put them back in. They can seize in and become a right arse to remove.


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
I was going to say the Wilwoods are the easiest calipers in the world to change pads on - but they are a different design to the ones I had. Not sure if you have had that style Brembo before, but take the pad retaining pins out regularly, clean them up and put them back in. They can seize in and become a right arse to remove.

Yeah these wilwood have a sort of strengthening/stiffening bridge across them so they're a caliper off job to replace pads. Still not a massive issue but Brembo will just be that bit easier.

Yeah I've had a set of Brembo on my R26 before, bought the Mr Pinks pins for them. I'm sure BCR will sort those out, when he refurbs them anyway.


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
So the wheels finally turned up. I was about to cancel the order and get some Oz Allegerita or Enkei RPF01 ordered, on Monday. Then the shop called to say the wheels had arrived. So all good. Got the TPMS and tyres fitted and brought them back home to seal up with C5, before fitting yesterday.

Also took delivery of a 1 piece Cusco strut brace from BOFI racing. The OEM brace is in 3 parts and looks a bit pants, so thought I might as well now I'm leaving the ARBS'. Mainly bay bling, but they do firm up the scuttle/bulkhead and it has been noticeable. Not so much handing but a big reduction in scuttle/steering wheel shake and it definitely looks the part with the blue/chrome.

Tyres are 215/45/17 Falken FK510 - not quite PS4 or Goodyear Eagle Supersport levels of performance, but not far off and half the price! Nice firm sidewalls too, it feels much better than it did with the 205 Bridgestone S001's.

Will be taking it to Tuned UK for a proper geo setup and transmission oil change (Millers Nanodrive CRX NT+ 75 90w and the same but 'LS' grade for the differential). Should be a totally different go kart after all these bits!



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
So had a day off yesterday. To go get the box/diff oil changed as it felt a little catchy in 3rd sometimes. The internet rumours are that Mazda never seem to completely fill the box and the oil they use is a bit thin/naff. So I was recommended to get some Millers Nanodrive CRX 75w 90 (and same but LS grade for the differential) and brim it.
I took it down to Tuned UK for a setup (had never been aligned after fitting the eibach springs) and asked him to do the oil swap while it was on the ramps and fit the gearbox cooling scoop.

Everything looked ok as far as he was concerned, on the alignment. Just the toe needed correcting as it was toeing in far too much on the front and rear. Has now been changed to reduce rear toe in and give a little toe out on the fronts. Camber and castor all ok. Drives much better now, a better weight to the steering, turn in feels grippier and mostly it feels much more planted on higher speed cornering and long sweeping bends.

As the for the box oil, the internet whispers were true. The box wasn't filled to the brim and it came out looking quite shabby. I didn't expect such a drastic improvement to the shifts, it's genuinely one of the most improved things that I've had done to the car. Shifts are like butter again now, still with that renowned direct, mechanical feel.

Then it was a trip down to Caffeine and Machine for the MX5 Europe group. Was a great evening as usual, super chilled I love it there.

Caught up with my mate and brother who both live local to there too (and saw the Twingo is still going strong!)

IMG_4121 (2).JPG
IMG_4124 (2).JPG
IMG_4142 (2).JPG
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  340i M-Sport & 182
Where did you get those done Dan? You may have mentioned but I've just blitzed through the thread.

Car looks great, I mean I'm not about those strips but it still looks fantastic.


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Where did you get those done Dan? You may have mentioned but I've just blitzed through the thread.

Car looks great, I mean I'm not about those strips but it still looks fantastic.

The calipers? This guy in Rochdale. Comes highly recommended on track time page and AKS (Who did my Skoda setup/suspension) highly recommended him too.

He's done my Wilwoods too, but I've sold them on. Prefer the Brembo.



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Couldn't decide what colour to paint the fuel rail cover. Decided on fake carbon in the end as the bloke was doing 30% off in October.



ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Got invited out on the North Wales leg, of a road trip organised by the blokes at Pistonheads/car gurus. @SharkyUK your mate was there too in his Supra GR. I was never really into the Supras before, until I saw this one! The spoiler and little carbon bits really set them off. Even in grey it looked absolutely great, I was straight on Autotrader looking at them, ha. Too expensive for me though.

Anyway, was a great day. The little Mx5 was an absolute hoot around the B roads, even with all the other blokes in much more powerful machines (Meg 275 Cup S, Supra GR, S3 audi, 440i, Classic impreza STi wagon, Boxster S (918?), CLK V6 (I think).

WIth the sewtup by Tuned UK the car feels massively more stable at higher speeds. Gearbox much slicker too - it's weird it seems to prefer to be smashed through the gears over casually driven (very much like the fn2 was). The new 75w 90 Millers oil and cooling scoop have genuinely worked a treat.

Anyway, here's the DLSR spam on the way home. I think there may be a few photos/clips to follow off the guys with the better cameras.



ClioSport Club Member
@Danith - looks great mate, and I wish I could have joined you guys. I had cleared the Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that I could be a part of the trip but unfortunately had to pull out due to building work over-running on my house. :( I did join the guys on the Friday for a few hours but ideally wanted to do the whole lot. Oh well, next time!

Yeah, Ross's GR Supra is lovely and I think it is one of those cars that you have to see in person to be able to appreciate it. Photos don't quite convey the 'feel' and look of the car. That said, Ross likes to tweak and tastefully mod his cars and his Supra is no different.

Glad you had a great drive / day mate. :cool: