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Enjoying driving your clio

Bit of a moan here. But has anyone noticed how you just cant go out and enjoy driving now. The roads are too full of idiots not looking what they are doing or just blatantly bad drivers. Maybe this is just localised to Essex, but I would think not. Weekends are full of idiots pottering around in their own worlds not paying attention to other road users...really peez me off, cant enjoy my car. I have resorted to getting up at 6.30am on sats and sundays especially for a chance to have an uninterupted blast in the 172...

i know what you mean!

you either have to go hellishly out of your way to find a quiet road, or get up/stay up till the early hrs!

there is a HK cliosport group run tommorow....and were starting early......LOL

i went for a great drive at 1 in the morning last night (was bored) , went round the forest.... well nice.... and empty!
  silver valver/hybrid

i went for a fantastic blast round the shropshire lanes, pretty quiet but had to follow a few slow slow drivers, one guy was proper trying to race down the lanes in a land rover discovery! he nearly rolled it! did see one bad smash though, bmw and corsa must have tried to give each other a hug!

do you agree that when your ragiing it, and you have to slow down and follow adriver doin say the legal feels like 15 bloody MPH!!!

its like you in slow motion!

red mist.

I think that fast road driving should be kept on the track on track days nowadays, the roads are just too busy, and with inexperienced or bad drivers round every corner...I have seen too many accidents lately and nearly had one myself yesterday to want to drive need for speed is now only realised on the race track, as I want to live longer... :)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yes track days are the place for a good concerted ragging. Trouble is theyre expensive - I cant afford to do nearly as many track days as Id like to, and your average baseball-capped muppet cant afford any at all - hence we still see a lot of idiotic stuff on the roads. I wonder whether the roads would be a little safer if every town had an inexpensive track on the outskirts? Letter to the council I think!

Dan its not just confines to Essex no. I get about all over the place and basically the roads are full of bloody idiots these days.

I dont think you even need to drive particularly fast to enjoy a good drive. Down my way (Wales), a lot of my favourite roads will not allow you speed - doing the national 60mph limit around some of these lanes would be insanity!!

I love just appreciating the drive, handling, power and noise of my Valver - and that doesnt necessarily mean bombing it!

You dont seem to be able to enjoy a drive at all round thisway. Wen out today with my girlfriend and nearly crashed AGAIN when a car infront slammed on the brakes infront of me round a blind corner as a cyclist was swerving all over the place, put the wind up me and her!!!! Left a nice expensive Michellin deposit on the road as well :(( - so ended up pootling around a 5 mph after, need a track day!! Brands is coming up soon.......

Sounds a bit sad, but on motorways I stick at 55-60mph in the inside lane. That way, I dont get caught up in overtaking manoveures or get frustrated by other peoples incompetence. It saves fuel too!!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Yep followed three separate old people driving between 35-45 in a 60mph limit as I was coming home from Leicester. All of them seemed to be scared of getting anywhere near the legal limit.

Also followed a lady whos car was a mobile fog machine, I could see her a mile away, she was totaly unaware that nobody behind her could see anything or breath.

I always think it strange that people drive so fast in the mornings in order to get to work, are they that desperate to start work?

I think we should perhaps have to pass a driving test/theory test once every ten years, not enough people understand road markings, or road signs.

Absolutely agree. But Id say that along with most things, test with strict criteria arent always the best judge.
  Abarth Grande Punto

I get it all the time,

Just driving home from shopping the other day minding my own business and some idiot in a rusty escort came up behind me driving on my arse, flasing and basically being a mucking idiot. i hate it!! To be honest it scared the sh1t out of me. He nearly lost it and hit me. NOT FUNNY!

Essex is bad, but i cant imagine anywhere else is any better.

Ive had in Essex, Norwich, Thetford!!! the list is never ending!!. lol
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

"Sounds a bit sad, but on motorways I stick at 55-60mph in the inside lane. That way, I dont get caught up in overtaking manoveures or get frustrated by other peoples incompetence. It saves fuel too!!"

Ben H - I remember the last meet down southend you came to you liked to bounce the 16v of its limter in first !!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

;) It did sound rough and a few peole commented on it. Maybe he was clearing out the engine for some reason !

Pah! My car sounding rough?:eek: Never I tell you!:oops:

Im not saying that I dont turn up the pace on my car a bit now and then, but theres a time and a place!!