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Evo IX RS on Its way


ClioSport Club Member
Well I did own a TME RS I suppose 😆

still on gravel brakes, I will either go Brembo as it’s only a road car or possibly APs if I can find a good set.

looks like Bltiz coilovers but won’t be 💯 until the car arrives in the UK.
I'll have some R&T Ohlins for sale soon, just sayin. :D

TMS RS was very special, but this one you'll feel less guilty using. (I hope)


ClioSport Club Member
The f*****s do rust, as mentioned above, I want use this so not going to feel guilt other wise what’s the point owning it? I will make sure ever square mm has been sealed.


ClioSport Club Member
Do you have someone in mind for protecting the car? Underside etc? Some talented companies out there.

Interesting thing. I prefer a more standard 9 but very cool.

Anyone you can recommend for underbody protection/treatments?


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
JR Classics are good at underbody stuff.

Granted, they’re about 200 miles from you but I’m still putting it out there.


ClioSport Club Member
I used to love these but they've not aged well at all. The interior looks like a nissan micra


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo VIII MR FQ340
Actually, it kind of is.

My wife hates them. Never even sat in it, after almost 4 years. :D

Even more so lately, I've currently got multiple. (Evos, not wives.)
Yeah actually I didn’t really think that through. I think my VIII was genuinely one of the reasons I split with my ex of 8 years.

But then found another one sharpish, which is much harder to do with Evos.

Case in point. Lol


ClioSport Club Member
One thing I’m going to struggle with is the brembos, people asking stupid money for s**t calipers.