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FAO BenR.. some piccies for ya//

heres a shot of the head cleaned up, the damage on the surface in the squish area can clearly be seen.

Formula 1 style reno cam follower (roler) and hydraulic tappet.. these are superb.. and TINY !!! (Std 172!)

Phase shifter cam wheel (Right) and shock absorbing exhaust cam wheel (Left) - Std 172 agn

and, some toys to play with lol

172 block ready to be cleaned and modded for turbo..

A few heads n bits to compare..


i see your paramedic uniform finds itself in lots of pics....quite the photo opportunist aint it!lol

also, im guessing cyl 2.....

BTW, i see you turned the WD40 can around *wink*

oh! and it looks like our woring on a breakfast bar in your house!! LOL!!!

all good!