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FAO capt and people with hot start probs on a MK2 172!!!!

today is driving me crazy!!!
we ahve had 5 V6s come in with stalling probs and hot start probs.

Capt, RE the vaporisation, it might no be as not all V6s get that prob, only the last batch delivered from S.Africa which were workin on Euro 98!! so i think it moght just be the comp....but there all still running poor.....i.e. they stall at traffic lights.

anybody else have probs with their MK2 172 not starting when hot. i.e you drive around, park up, have linch, come out again, turn over engine and nowt! then wait for 10 mins or so and hey presto!!! it works!

ive been having tons of probs all of a sudden!! and cant figure weather its a lose earth as the battery always runs flat after while, or a immobiliser prob on the spark plugs or fuelling etc etc....CTS, TDC sensor!!???

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Its never been as bad as you describe Ben, but it does take a couple of goes sometime when the engines hot. It doesnt get quite as hot here as it does in HK m8


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Wanna get an anti-perc fan of an R5 GTT by the sounds of it!!!
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My mates RS-Turbo had a stint of doing that, hot start=no chance cold start=hey presto????? never found out why seemed to stop doing it after a week or two.