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  2004 Racing Blue 182

The standard alarm system has 2 key switches, one under the bonnet, and one under/in the dash (passenger side).

I need to know which is which, i know one does the immobiliser and one does the alarm siren, i need to know which one is which urgently.

Thanks in advance.


[Edited by NaplesValver on 08 April 2005 at 2:52pm]

Williams is different.. as they only have one key switch, which does the lot.

I think, the one in the glove box is the immobiliser.
  Clio 182

One under the bonnet is the alarm, Im guessing by default the one in the car is the immobiliser. Hope this helps mate.
  Not a Clio

with my old valver it was different again.

Mine was a 1994

Under bonnet = siren
Under dash - alarm sensor
  Clio Mk1 Hybrid

think my 95 valver has only the under bonnet one too, id like to know a way i could disable the immobiliser incase my remote battery ever died