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firing order 182?


am i right in thinking the firing order for the clio 182 is 4321? one being the gearbox end?

For some reason ive put new leads on and now the car is misfiring and the engine light is flickering?


Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
The firing order won't be 4321 but yes number 1 is at the gearbox side.
  Arctic Blue 182 FF
Try putting old leads back on the way they came off,maybe you have them the wrong way round or new are faulty
1342 firing order doesn't work though

I am connecting 1 to coil number 1...3 to coil number 3 and so on?

am i missing something here?
  Arctic Blue FF 182
Duff new leads?
It should just be a case of connecting 1 lead from coil terminal number 1 to cylinder 1..etc.

Have you tried the old leads again?