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Fitting 7 TFT screens

  133/225/CLS AMG

Just wondered if anyone had some pics of where they had mounted a screen in a Clio.

I have my eye on a DVD player and screen. I planned to have the DVD player under one of the seats and the screen sat in the space under the climate control.

Any thoughts????

has has them in his head rests and a slide out headunit screen

beware of cheap screens (they are cheap for a reason
  133/225/CLS AMG

Ive seen a Centurion screen that my mate has in his car and i was really impressed with the quality of it.

Also should be able to get a discount as a mate of mine manages at one of the Motorworld stores.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Yup as Mr Bunny says i have soem in my car

Beware of cheap screens as he says too, the quality is a lot inferior for a reason - they either skimp on quality of screens or wiring !! and even casing.

The above headrest ones were purchased from the NEC show

at £150 each

retail at about £250 each.