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Fitting Speakers

  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™

Need a lil bit of help?

I want to upgrade my standard speakers that I have got fitted in the passenger / driver doors of my Clio. So I measured them dis morning, and they are 13cm in diameter, also I noticed that there is a small White block connection on the speakers. However I bought a new pair of speakers today, and noticed that the New speakers have got terminals.

Do you think that it will be ok for me to cut off the white block connection from the speaker leads going to the CD Unit, strip the wire slightly and simply connect the wire *minus(-) to minus(-), posative(+) to posative(+)* that came with the speakers, and simply plug the new converts wire with clamps to the termnials on the the new speakers?
  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™

Another question I have got is. There is space for 2 x 13cm diameter speakers to go in the back (each side of back seat), but there is NO wire running thru as I checked it this morning.

I can kinda figure out how to do some of the work. I can manage installing the speakers, and running the wire to the front... BUT what kind of connections will I need to hook it up to the CD unit, as there are 2 leads hanging off the back of the unit for the rear speakers?

Sorry if I am not making sense, but I am not sure what these parts are called...