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Flame red V6 page 248 maxpower

  Golf GTi DSG

I think they were limited edition ones, but I much prefer that colour to the standard silver, although I prefer the new blue on the mk2 v6!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Theres a red one in Telford - the only one Ive ever seen. I heard somewhere that you can get the same red/black/blue/silver colours that the 172 comes with. Is the new blue the same as the Cup blue?

hmmm now that red V6 pic just above there is the same colour as my clio - so does that mean my clio is mars red? cool I was wondering what the "silly" name for the paint colour was - you know how vauxhall name their paints - like calypso red and tropical blue ;) PMSL!
  Golf GTi DSG

Yeh, I think the mk2 v6 blue is the same as the Cups blue, well it looks the same in piccys anyway!

Yeah i saw it at the motorshow, was the same. Im suprised its not called renaultsport blue or something and then made it optional for the 172.