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Got my new 172

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Hello Everyone just thought I would post this before going back out to play in it. This forum has been of great assistance to me in researching and buying my new car, thanks everyone. Just cant wait to get 650 miles approx under my belt.

Does anyone know how I go about getting an English manual, mine is in Dutch, thanks?


Congrats on the new car ! Just reached 650 miles in mine recently and it is a different car now ! Awesome ! Few annoying little rattles but no big deal !

As for the manual, depending on where you got the car from, I contacted the import agents and they forwarded an English manual to me. You can always get one from your local Renault dealer if this does not work.

Enjoy !
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Thanks Captain.

Chuckie, I am away on that day as well, sorry would love to meet you all. My job means I am away a lot, often on short notice, will definately try and make a later date, have fun though.

Not to worry im sure johnny and sooty will see each other blasting around northampton at some point!!

enjoy your new car and be careful!!



  Shiny red R32

Hope you enjoy your new car Greeper. Love the cute name of Sooty - is there a Sweep somewhere?